NVIDIA awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. From the roots in visual computing, NVIDIA has expanded into super, mobile and cloud computing. NVIDIAs mobile processors are used in smartphones, tablets and auto infotainment systems. PC gamers rely on GPUs to enjoy spectacularly immersive worlds.

Professionals use them to create visual effects in movies and design everything from golf clubs to jumbo jets. And researchers utilize GPUs to advance the frontiers of science with high-performance computers.

NVIDIA was founded in 1993, headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It has 5,000 patents issued, allowed or filed.

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NVIDIA nForce® media and communications processors (MCPs) are the key ingredient for better motherboards for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.
NVIDIA GRID™ is for Graphics Accelerated Virtual Desktops and Applications.
Quadro 2000
With the new NVIDIA® Quadro® 2000 mid-range professional graphics solution get CAD and DCC performance.
Quadro 4000
The NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 delivers up to 5x faster performance to drive a broad range of design, styling and video applications.
Quadro 5000
NVIDIA® Quadro® 5000 professional graphics solutions, built on the innovative NVIDIA Fermi architecture, integrates high-performance computing with advanced visualization, transforming modern workflows.
Quadro 6000
The NVIDIA® Quadro® 6000 professional graphics solution is a technological breakthrough, delivering up to 5x times faster performance across a broad range of professional applications.
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