Founded in 2006, ObserveIT captures video recording of every user action performed in RDP, SSH, Telnet, Citrix or any other protocol,  ObserveIT provides Windows, UNIX and Linux session recording auditing. ObserveIT acts like a security camera on your servers, generating video recording and audit logs of every action the user performs. ObserveIT captures all activity, even for applications that do not produce their own internal logs. Every action performed by remote vendors, developers, system admins and business users is tied to a video recording, providing bulletproof forensic evidence.

ObserveIT is the ideal solution for 3rd Party Vendor Monitoring, and PCI/HIPAA/SOX/ISO Compliance Auditing. ObserveITs worldwide customer base spans many industry segments, including Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Defense, Government, Transportation, Mining and Education industries.

ObserveITs User Activity Monitoring software meets the compliance and security challenges related to user activity auditing, which is one of the key issues that IT, Security and Compliance officers are facing today.

For more information visit our web site at http://www.observeit.com.