Okta Identity Cloud is a cloud-based identity/access and mobility management solution.

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Product Details

Okta Identity Cloud quickly and easily connects Citrix applications to Active Directory, making employee access to Citrix more secure. Every Citrix user then accesses Citrix with their AD credentials, eliminating the need to manage multiple usernames and passwords. Okta provides Citrix administrators with centralized user provisioning, access management, and reporting.




  • Here are just a few of the key business challenges that Okta can help you solve today.
  • Single Sign-On: as cloud and web applications increase in number, employees quickly become overwhelmed managing multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords. Okta solves this.
  • Automated User Management: Okta provides user import from AD, AD-driven provisioning and de-provisioning, and password synchronization. All of these make it much easier to administer Citrix across enterprises of all sizes.
  • Leverage Active Directory: Okta integrates once with Active Directory and federates your corporate identities to all of your cloud and web applications, including Citrix.
  • Mobility Management: Now you can centrally manage people, devices and access to web and mobile apps, to achieve better security and efficiency.