OpenText Execute360 WorkDesk

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WorkDesk is the Windows based out-of-the-box "thick" client interface for accessing services of OpenText Execute360.

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Product Details

WorkDesk enables users to access, manipulate, and process content managed by an Execute360 BPM system. The content can be accessed through one or more workflows or they can be retrieved through an Execute360 search.

WorkDesk provides a rich set of customization and configuration options to more closely adapt to individual business requirements, user preferences and corporate environment.


Full-service client, installed on Windows computers.

Connects to Execute360 Domains, providing access to imaging and workflow features and capabilities.

Imaging features include:

  • Assemble and review workitems (electronic documents, folders and third-party application data)
  • Add, render and manipulate images of various common formats to electronic documents with the powerful Imaging for Windows™ image viewer
  • Apply markups and annotations to images
  • Add non-image pages from third-party application files (e.g. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets) to documents
  • Add meta-data to electronic documents and folders, such as index data, form fields, and free-form notes
  • Search for and access workitems throughout the enterprise

Workflow features include:

  • Retrieve content from worksteps in any of several workflows. Content can be pushed to Workdesk by the system, or selected by the user from a list.
  • Access a detailed workflow history for content.
  • Introduce new work or send on processed work to workflow

OpenText Execute360 WorkDesk is highly customizable through Execute360 Administration, user options, VBA projects and VSTA add-ins.

Currently available version is Release 10.