OpenText™ Secure Shell 15

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Encrypt and authenticate your remote connections with SSH to protect sensitive data across open networks

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Product Details

OpenText Secure Shell safeguards your network traffic, providing secure authentication and encryption using the latest SSH technologies. Secure Shell can be used to secure any network-enabled application, as well as in combination with OpenText Exceed™ and HostExplorer™ to provide secure access to host systems (mainframes, UNIX servers and X Window applications).

  • OpenText Secure Shell allows organizations to secure their network by providing authentication and encryption capabilities to the following communication types: X11, NFS, FTP, Telnet, or any other type of TCP/IP protocol.
  • OpenText Secure Shell can provide Secure Shell and Kerberos services to third-party applications.
  • OpenText Secure Shell can be fully and transparently integrated with other Citrix Ready™ OpenText Connectivity products including OpenText Exceed and OpenText HostExplorer.


By using OpenText Secure Shell, administrators can eliminate the possibility of unknown third parties eavesdropping and stealing sensitive information. OpenText Secure Shell encrypts data to meet the toughest standards and requirements such as FIPS 140-2.

OpenText Secure Shell provides support for the following security protocols:

  • Secure Shell (SSH), a transport protocol that allows users to log on to other computers over a network, execute commands on remote machines, and securely move files from one machine to another. It provides powerful authentication and secure communications over insecure channels.
  • SSL/TLS, a set of cryptographic libraries used by software applications to provide strong encryption and authentication for transmitting data over a network. SSL/TLS uses cipher suites that encrypt data in such a way that it becomes virtually impossible for any eavesdropper to decrypt the information.
  • Kerberos, a network authentication protocol that uses secret-key cryptography to provide strong authentication for client/server applications.

OpenText Secure Shell is subject to US Export restrictions; please contact our sales team for the latest information.