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WorkiQ® is a real-time, workforce analysis solution that provides visibility into employee work and productivity.

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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.1
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.6


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)

Product Details

WorkiQ® is a real-time, workforce analysis solution that provides visibility into employee work and productivity. Employees perform at varying levels of productivity and efficiency. WorkiQ® provides the visibility needed to identify, improve, and reward employees. WorkiQ® helps you answer tough questions about the people who work for you.

WorkiQ captures all counts, time, effort, and outcomes of activity, so you can manage work with accuracy. User activity is collected directly from each monitored employee’s desktop, your Citrix® server, or your mainframe. WorkiQ’s dynamic, real-time dashboards - which even non-technical users can customize to show the most relevant analytics - give you invaluable operational intelligence into the work each employee does, how long it takes, and the outcomes of each employee’s effort. Deploying WorkiQ  spares employees the additional productivity drain of self-reporting, which can be seriously inaccurate. WorkiQ even makes it easier to determine which tasks could be automated, such as with OpenConnect’s own robotic processing automation (RPA) solution.

To increase every team member’s output, you must be able to identify and reward high-value work activities. WorkiQ gives you the power to categorize these activities, track processes across all applications, and compare how different users process similar units of work. This helps you:

  • Identify unproductive behaviors when/where they occur, for “in-the-moment” coaching.
  • Spot and reward productive behavior.
  • Manage remote workers according to the same standards as their in-office compatriots.
  • Identify your top performers so you can help replicate their processes across teams.

WorkiQ delivers a wide range of reports that empower your people, at every level, to compete and engage. They know how they’re performing in comparison to their peers - where they excel and where they can improve. Managers can compare employees with accurate standards, reward superstars, and see where their teams rank against other groups or departments.

Through the power of desktop analytics, WorkiQ enables your organization to go beyond system statistics and self-reporting, creating actionable insights that drive real improvements within your business - with real-world savings. Most WorkiQ deployments deliver ROI within just six months. That’s because WorkiQ gives you the real-time, accurate data and reporting you need to evaluate your true staffing needs, reduce outsourcing, eliminate unnecessary overtime, and lower your overall operational costs.