OpenSpan provides desktop automation technologies that support transformation initiatives focused on driving revenue growth, customer lifetime value and operational efficiency. The company’s solutions are optimizing billions of transactions within contact center, back office and critical process business units in organizations throughout the world. OpenSpan technology enables companies to leverage an iterative approach to improving processes, automating work and creating efficiencies that minimize costs and boost profits.

Transforming Transactions Across the Enterprise

OpenSpan Automation provides a broad range of desktop automation solutions that systematically optimize transactions to better support enterprise goals including:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Experience

OpenSpan enables organizations to effectively align people, processes and technology to yield more efficient and profitable transactions by:

  • Fully automating repetitive manual transaction processing using robotic automation.
  • Removing manual work activities using desktop automation to streamline processes, enabling employees to perform higher value, customer-focused transactions.
  • Optimizing processes that cannot be fully automated to simplify and accelerate transaction execution.
  • Extending the value of existing technology investments by creating more extensible logic that improves transaction quality and increases revenue per transaction.

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