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Osirium Enterprise v4

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Osirium protects organisations by securing and simplifying the complexities of privileged user management in multi-vendor infrastructures.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)


Product Details

Osirium simplifies and automates the core SysAdmin processes such as: password management life-cycle, single sign-on and controlling access rights, assigning privileges, automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of systems all through a single point of access.

To ensure full accountability of privileged user actions, Osirium can record device and user sessions to provide irrefutable evidence and confirmation that particular actions were undertaken in the correct way. Osirium allows the organisation to meet the most stringent of operational and compliance requirements.

Osirium also enables privileged tasks to be packaged up and safely delegated to the Help Desk, safely off-loading common, mundane tasks and optimising SysAdmin workflow by freeing up skilled resources for more strategic tasks.


There are numerous operational challenges within the Privielged SysAdmin environment;

  • Minimising operation risks.
  • Governance, visibility and accountability of Privileged User actions.
  • Meeting compliance requirements.
  • Enforcing Least Privilege principals.
  • Password Life-cycle Management for devices, servers and applications.
  • The Insider Threat through using Group Admin Accounts.
  • Overburdened SysAdmin teams.
  • Delegation of common SysAdmin tasks.
  • Reducing manual error rates.
  • Obtaining irrefutable evidence of Privileged activity.