CSP Program
New program for Citrix Service Providers!

The Citrix Ready CSP Program extends the value proposition for Citrix Service Providers by bringing the power of Citrix Ready to CSPs. Now, CSPs can take advantage of the same technical and marketing benefits that we bring to over 1,200 technology partners. CSPs can also expand their market opportunity by reaching more potential customers. In turn, customers can buy with greater confidence because the solutions have been validated as Citrix Ready.


It is an easy three step process to join the program:

Click here to sign up for the program

Manage your product verification and profile

Get listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace

To manage your product verification, you can leverage the Citrix Ready Online Verification Platform and validate your existing or new infrastructure with single product licenses for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix ADC, Citrix Hypervisor, Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly known as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, NetScaler ADC, XenServer, XenMobile respectively) and ShareFile. Or, you can also set up a hybrid cloud infrastructure with Citrix Cloud services and leverage the same verification framework to validate them (e.g. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, Citrix Endpoint Management service, ShareFile service and Citrix Gateway service, formerly Citrix NetScaler Gateway service).

Eligibility to enroll in the Citrix Ready CSP Program will be based on:

  • Technical certification in 2 or more product areas
  • Hold the latest Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP) certification
  • License Usage Insight (LUI) compliant
  • Learning path completion
  • Annual business plan with Citrix CSP
  • Review by Citrix CSP Program team


Build trust with your customers. The Citrix Ready designation assures customers that your infrastructure and solution offerings have been rigorously tested and are compatible with Citrix technology.


Get expert help from our technical team. Validate your existing infrastructure with Single Product Licenses and/or Citrix Cloud services.


Showcase your solution portfolio in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. Leverage the program benefits to tell the world about it.


Leverage the Citrix Ready marketing benefits to increase demand and improve profitability.

Once you have successfully validated your solution offering and joined the Citrix Ready CSP Program, a number of marketing benefits will kick in. These have been exclusively designed for CSPs to help drive awareness and demand for your solution portfolio.

Citrix Ready Marketplace


Build your company profile and highlight your solution offerings. We’ll promote it through web and social marketing. Our lead form captures interest and gives it directly to you.



Work with us to create a podcast that describes the value proposition and unique features of your solution portfolio. When it’s ready, we’ll use the DABCC media channel to produce and promote it. Then, use this asset in your other marketing campaigns.



We'll help you create a blog to spread the word about your verification and solution offerings. Then we’ll help you promote it to wide an audience. Use the blog in your own awareness campaigns.



Exclusive paid and organic web marketing and social media promotions will drive awareness of your profile and solution portfolio in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. All inquiries and leads will be immediately sent to you for your direct interaction and follow up.

  • What is the Citrix Ready Program?
    The Citrix Ready Program is one of the industry’s leading technology partner programs, with over 1,200 partners. It consists of a straightforward testing and verification process, a seamless onboarding experience, and ongoing technical and marketing support. The Citrix Ready badge is the ultimate stamp of approval from Citrix that communicates to customers that our partner’s products and solutions are Citrix-compatible.
  • What is the Citrix Ready CSP Program?
    The Citrix Ready CSP Program expands the value proposition for Citrix Service Providers by bringing the power of Citrix Ready to CSPs. It was created in close cooperation with the CSP Program team and augments the existing CSP Program. It is designed to validate a CSP’s infrastructure with Single Product Licenses and/or Citrix Cloud Services. Once verified and approved, partners and their solution offerings will be listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. The intent is to help CSPs grow their business and increase profitability by bringing the tried and tested Citrix Ready methodology, platform, technical, and marketing support to CSPs.
  • Once a CSP has been approved to enroll in the Program, what do they do next?

    The enrollment process consists of 3 steps:

    Step 1 - Complete your Citrix Ready application form .

    Step 2 - Verify your products on the Citrix Ready Marketplace platform (Request access now).

    Step 3 - Create and submit your profile pages.

  • What is the verification process? How long does it take?

    Partner verifications are managed through the Citrix Ready Verification Platform (CRVP), our online platform for verification and partner profile management. The CRVP contains the instructions, prerequisites and test scenarios that are required to pass the verifications. Marketplace helps to display the approved offerings. It is recommended that partners complete as many verifications as they have in order to build a stronger profile, so we can promote all the solution offerings that are Citrix Ready.

    They typical turn-around for reviewing a verification and validation is 2-3 business days.

  • What are Citrix Cloud services? How does the Citrix Ready CSP Program help partners to verify their Citrix Cloud services offerings as Citrix Ready?

    Citrix Cloud services unites all of Citrix’s leading technologies and services into a single management and delivery platform. Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies extending existing on-premises software deployments and creating a hybrid workspace service. It also helps partners to simplify the configuration and management tasks that they traditionally performed manually. The management platform primarily helps in administration, authentication, service provisioning, licensing and license management, and service monitoring and reporting.

    The Citrix Ready CSP Program provides the best practices in the form of test cases allowing partners to build the infrastructure, verify and share the results for validation, which will eventually help CSP partners to build a best-in-class Citrix Cloud infrastructure. It also provides steps so partners can leverage a true hybrid cloud experience where they can utilize their existing infrastructure along with a public cloud.

  • How are Citrix Cloud services verification methodology different from Citrix Product verification?
    There is no difference in the verification methodology as the verifications are carried out through the Citrix Ready Verification Platform. However, technically the infrastructure requirement and the test cases that are required to pass are different for both the product types. We have separate test kits for each independent product type and for Citrix Cloud services. One has to run through these test kits separately in order to get the compatibility of each product type and Citrix Cloud services.
  • What is the fee associated to join the program?
    There is no cost to join the program. There are premium partner membership levels that all partners have the option to enter into and they provide an increased number of benefits. (Please see the Citrix Ready Program Benefits Matrix for more information.)
  • What is the fee for Citrix Ready verification?
    There is no cost associated with a verification.