Covert appCURE captured applications into MSI and MSIX application package format.

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Product Details

appCURE's proprietary technology enables applications to be captured from older operating systems and then repackaged ready to be delivered to Windows 10 and 11. appCURE has a high success rate when it comes to fixing app compatibility issues with older applications removing the need for redevelopment or complex workarounds.

Other benefits include security enhancements and the ability to deliver older applications into MSIX app attach ready for Citrix.

Key benefits:

  • Accelerate your migration from both Microsoft XP, Windows 7.
  • Supports the migration from older server operating systems to Server 2019 and Server 2022.
  • Run 16bit applications on Windows 10 and 11
  • Capture and Package both 16/32bit and 64bit applications
  • Meet compliance and security requirements
  • Contact us for a 14-day trial


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  • Capture 16/32/64bit applications
  • Output package formats include MSIX and MSI
  • Built-in application compatibility and fixup features
  • Simple to use UI 
  • Code Signing Certificate timestamp capability. 


  • Proprietory running capture technology allows the capture of applications without installation media. 
  • Legacy app fixes 
  • 16bit application support
  • Accelerates Workspace migration projects


Brochures: Executive Overview

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