Bacula Enterprise is an Enterprise Data Backup Software

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Product Details

Bacula Enterprise Edition is a subscription-based enterprise data backup solutions which empowers data centers to truly escape data volume price traps. High numbers of enterprise organizations worldwide (incl. NASA, Bank of Austria, Swisscom or Sky PLC) have adopted Bacula Enterprise backup software in mission critical environments because of its advanced features and ability to handle high data volume at very low cost.

Large enterprise IT departments now have an open core, certified, enterprise data backup software solution as a better alternative to proprietary offerings.

Bacula is unique in its combination of functionality, scalability and reliability. Its technology includes Snapshots, advanced deduplication, single file restores, single mailbox restores and data verification, all in one platform effortlessly spanning both physical, virtual, container and Cloud environments.


  • Backup software for enterprise compatible with all endpoint types: desktops, virtual and physical machines
  • Highly stable, reliable and certified enterprise backup software
  • Easy to set up and highly scalable to many 1,000’s of enterprise servers
  • Built around open core data backup software for enterprise
  • Batter universal data backup deduplication software in combination with your storage vendor (primary data storage) or completely independently
  • Support of most Linux modern distributions (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, MacOS X, AIX or Solaris
  • Configurable for high availability in a clustered enterprise-level environment
  • Allows enterprise data backup to disk, tape, robotic media libraries and cloud
  • Enterprise data backup management tools for cloud backup and can restore cloud data at vastly reduced costs compared to other vendors
  • Enterprise levels of security built into every layer of data backup software (read customer case study about security)
  • Backup and restore for many enterprise-level SQL databases. Powerful tools currently exist for MySQL (including Percona), Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SAP, SAP HANA and SQLite
  • Deployment has a very low cost, bringing advanced capabilities into virtualized environments including Containers
  • Ideal data backup software for managed service providers, data centers and in public or private clouds (Bacula for the Cloud) and offers Client Initiated Backup


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