The cloud-first, fast, easy-to-manage, and secure ChromeOS for PCs, Macs and Thin clients. ChromeOS Flex is a free and sustainable way to modernize devices you already own. It’s easy to deploy across your fleet or simply try it to see what a cloud-first OS has to offer.

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Product Details

Upgrade your PCs, Macs and Thin clients with ChromeOS Flex so they are secure, boot fast, don’t slow down over time, update automatically in the background, and can be managed from the cloud. The new ChromeOS Flex is integrated and validated with Citrix CVAD, Citrix DaaS, Citrix Workspace app for Chrome and Citrix Workspace. 

Manage & secure your ChromeOS Flex fleet with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS Flex devices. Use Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to secure and manage them alongside Chromebooks in the cloud-based Google Admin console.

Advanced security: Remotely wipe or disable devices and enable sign-in restrictions to ensure data stays in the right hands.

Control updates: Choose to roll out updates gradually or automatically with the added option for long-term support channel.

Granular device controls: Enable single sign-on, identity-free login, and configure printers and WiFi networks.

Reporting and insights: Pull insightful reports including 7-day active metrics, OS versions, and crash reports.

Scalable, cloud-first management: Manage devices remotely in Google Admin console, use 3rd party UEM solutions, or use Chrome Policy API to manage at scale.




Fast, modern work experience from anywhere

  • Devices boot quickly, don’t slow down over time, and update in the background, reducing device downtime
  • Experience fast access to VDI and web apps with an intuitive, clutter-free, and reliable experience

Fast deployment and easy management

  • Deploy ChromeOS Flex across your fleet via USB or network deployment and a user’s settings and policies sync to the device almost instantly
  • Use the Google Admin console to manage updates and configure device policies remotely

Proactive security

  • Blocked executables and sandboxing technology eliminate the need for antivirus software
  • IT controls prevent data loss on lost or stolen devices

Make the most of your existing hardware

  • Refresh your older devices with a modern OS and extend their lifespan to reduce e-waste
  • Deploy a more energy-efficient, sustainable solution while experiencing a lower total cost of ownership


Whether you’re just learning about ChromeOS or looking to accelerate your cloud-first OS deployment, ChromeOS Flex makes it easier than ever.

  • Easily try modern computing with cloud-based management on existing devices. Install ChromeOS Flex now and experience the benefits of ChromeOS for Macs or PCs.
  • Reduce e-waste and extend the life of your existing devices by transforming them with a modern OS.
  • Deploy a cloud-first OS on purpose-built hardware for specialized use cases like kiosks or digital signage.