Introducing the LG 24CR661 (IGEL OS), a dynamic work companion designed to enhance your productivity experience. Fueled by a robust Quad-core Processor and ample system memory, the 24CR661 ensures seamless multitasking, allowing you to effortlessly tackle your tasks. Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of the 24" Full HD IPS Display, delivering precise colors and expansive viewing angles of up to 178 degrees.

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Product Details

Customized for Shared Use

Dual-band RFID | Ergonomic Stand

With seamless RFID-based security protection to safely enable personalized thin client accessibility and customizable ergonomic design that allows for individualized viewing adjustment, the 24CR66 is optimized for multi-user access environments.

Reliable Performance

FHD IPS Display | Multi Display Set-up | Quad-core Processor

The 24CR66 series features a Full HD IPS Display for clear viewing. And for additional multitasking, it even supports a multi-display set up with up to two 4K monitors for easier. Its Quad-core Processor also boosts workflow efficiency.

Designed for Video Conferencing

Full HD Webcam | Built-in Speakers and Microphones

The 24CR66 All-in-One Thin Client allows for convenient video conferencing without the need for additional equipment, featuring a built-in Full HD webcam with integrated speakers and a microphone. Users can also easily adjust the webcam for privacy by pushing or pulling it as needed.

Thin Client configuration and test case results:

Thin Client OS: IGEL OS
Thin Client OS version: IGEL OS
Architecture: x64

Type Test Standard Premium Test Results
Multimedia Hardware Accelaration using H265 Codec Support (Optional)       X NA
Video Conferencing on Skype for Business with HDX Real Time Optimization Pack Support       X NA
Optimization for Microsoft Teams Support       X Passed
HTML5 Redirection Support       X Passed
Browser Content Redirection Support       X Passed
Windows Media Stream Redirection Support       X Passed
Security PIV Smartcard Support       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Enablers Citrix Cloud Services Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Files access and Experience Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace App Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Support       X       X Passed
Access Secure SaaS and Web Application       X       X NA
Devices Plug n Play Devices Redirection       X       X Passed
High-Definition Webcam Streaming       X       X Passed
3D Mouse Support and Redirection       X       X Passed
Graphics Rich Graphics Application Support       X       X Passed
Multi Monitor Support for 2D and 3D Applications       X       X Passed
Pixel Perfect Lossless Compression       X       X Passed
2D Graphics - Server Rendered Virtual Application       X       X Passed
Multimedia Video Playback - Server Rendered Windows Media Redirection       X       X Passed
Print Client Printer Test Using Citrix Universal Printer Driver       X       X Passed
General HDX Traffic Management and Monitoring with Citrix ADM 
      X       X NA
Accelerated Traffic Support through Citrix SD-WAN (optional)       X       X NA

*Passed: This case is fully tested by partner and has met the desired results.
*Not Tested – This test case was not executed as per partner preference. Submit your questions by clicking on the Request Information button on this page.
*NA (Not Applicable) – This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitation.


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  • Dual-band RFID (Compatible with Imprivata)
  • 23.8” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display
  • Quad-core Processor
  • Full HD Webcam (Push-pull Type)
  • Compliant with Eco-friendly Standard (Energy Star qualified, EPEAT registered)