Nexthink is a Citrix value-added provider that helps organizations confidently measure, manage, and improve their employees’ digital experience and productivity. With a constant read on the pulse of digital employee experience, IT can continuously improve technology’s ability to engage, empower, and delight people, no matter where they work.

By providing solutions with visible workplace resources, Nexthink gives you context and insight into your user base. Nexthink’s powerful experience management platform helps IT teams ensure that migrations to Citrix are planned and put into action in a timely and successful manner.

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    7.15 LTSR, 1912 LTSR, 2003, 2006
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Product Details

The cloud-native platform for managing digital employee experience.

Faced with constant change, IT teams are often trapped in a vicious circle - trying to innovate yet struggling to address the resulting employee issues. Nexthink Experience breaks this cycle by providing the real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation IT needs to progress from reactive problem solving to continuous, proactive improvement.

Nexthink Experience helps you measure, manage and improve the digital employee experience every moment. By correlating technical performance and employee sentiment, you can see the true experience for the first time. Flexible dashboards provide key insights, while event visibility and visualizations enable rapid problem solving.


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Nexthink becomes your central experience hub with real-time, actionable insights into every employee - across devices, operating systems, locations and organizational units.

  • Proactively improve digital experience: automated issue identification and remediation
  • Find and fix IT issues faster: troubleshooting made easier
  • Provide the right technologies to every employee: successful and efficient IT deployments

When IT is under pressure to make it all work, your next move matters. Nexthink Experience provides the real-time insight you need to prevent and resolve disruptions and continuously improve the employee experience. Nexthink Experience provides an employee-centric view of devices, applications and networks. From pre-built dashboards to detailed event analysis and advanced visualizations, you can measure and manage digital experience in an ongoing, continuous fashion. All with the 24x7 availability, scalability, and global reach you need to support modern business.