Your team has better things to do than type the same content for the 100th time. Imagine if employees spent less time:

Responding to the same questions over and over in chat
Manually personalizing customer replies to sound authentic
Finding, copying, and pasting an article link to solve a customer problem

With TextExpander, these burdens are history. Your team will have all your company’s knowledge that they need to access right at their fingertips.

Create powerful snippet shortcuts so that all your team member has to do is type a short abbreviation and TextExpander does the rest of the work for you. Streamline repetitive typing so everyone can spend their time driving results.

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Product Details

Your team’s knowledge is most valuable when everyone can use it. TextExpander’s shortcuts give your team immediate access to shared company knowledge. All they have to do is type a short abbreviation, and TextExpander does the rest of the work.

Here’s how it works:

Store It: Keep your company’s most-used emails, messaging, and more within TextExpander.

Share It: Give different departments across your whole company access to the content they need to use every day.

Expand It: Deploy the content you need with just a few keystrokes, in any app, on any device.

Edit It: Make changes to your snippets in one spot and your entire team can use the updated text in seconds.




Use Anywhere You Type: You can use TextExpander everywhere you type, on any system, any device, within any app, online or offline. Anywhere you type, TextExpander goes with you. Make changes once, and they'll be in effect everywhere. Use TextExpander to expand snippets wherever you are.

Make It Yours: Customize each message you send out using TextExpander customizations like fill-in fields, drop down menus, popup menus, and optional fields.

Your Data is Secure: TextExpander is SOC-2 Security certified, which means your team can be at ease that your data is safe and secure. Spend less time haggling with IT and legal, and more time getting work done.

Less Admin Time + More Access: You can share your snippets at various levels and with multiple levels of access. For more powerful user management, get SSO support and SCIM provisioning.

Share With Your Team: Share your TextExpander content at various levels - whether it's just a snippet or a whole group, and with multiple levels of access. Want to share with one person? Done. Want to share with the whole world? That's an option too!

We Did The Work For You: No need to reinvent the wheel, subscribe to public groups and templates created by the TextExpander community and use them for free (with a TextExpander subscription). No work, all the reward!

Take It To The Next Level: Need something TextExpander doesn't have built in? It's easy to build yourself with AppleScript, JavaScript, and shell scripts. For those teams who need even more powerful automation, you can push and pull data from any source by pairing TextExpander with Zapier. This will let you integrate your TextExpander snippets even more effectively with other external tools, so you’re not just storing information, you’re making it actionable.

We Flex With You: Whether you’re a small team of a few members or a growing company with multiple teams that’s looking to scale - we have a TextExpander plan for you.

If you’re comfortable with self-service and know how to get your team started, TextExpander for Business is great for helping your small team scale their output.

Growing teams that are looking for more insight and management options will benefit from the TextExpander for Growth tier with advanced user management and data insights.

Larger teams that are looking for custom solutions and personal support will find that TextExpander for Enterprise gets you the customized training, onboarding, and dedicated support you need to keep your whole company productive and on message.

Visit for more details on TextExpander tiers and how they align with your needs.


Eliminate Repetition

Repetitive tasks consume up to 19 working days a year per employee, costing growing businesses millions of dollars. Less repetition means more time for growing revenue, delighting customers, and concentrating on what matters most for your business.

Shorten Response Times

Reply to customers in a flash. No more switching applications to find answers. Simply type a short abbreviation and watch it instantly expand into your full reply. It works anywhere you type with no complex setup required.

Automate Without Losing Human Touch 

Automate how your team replies to communications without losing their human touch. Team members can quickly access and personalize dynamic text with a few keystrokes before sending.

Share Company Knowledge Anywhere

Get information out of silos and into the hands of everyone that needs it. Share knowledge across departments so everyone uses unified messaging and nobody spends time reinventing the wheel.