The VMstore T7000 Series offers the scalability, availability, and security you’d expect from an enterprise-grade system that powers numerous companies.

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Product Details

The Tintri VMstore T7000 Series is the latest addition to the storage industry’s Intelligent Infrastructure portfolio. The T7000 delivers NVMedriven performance and efficiencies, supporting up to 7,500 virtualized applications in just two rack units. It offers the kind of scalability, availability and security that you’d expect from an enterprise-grade system that powers numerous Fortune 100 firms. Our customers love the outstanding AI-driven efficiency and optimizations that set VMstore apart from traditional approaches. VMstore systems deploy in minutes, self-optimize and dynamically adapt to accommodate the most demanding workloads in the data center maintaining quality of service (Auto-QoS) for each Virtual Machine (VM). Autonomous operations and advanced real-time and predictive analytics consistently drive down storage management activities and costs – by as much as 95%.

The T7000 is the NVMe-based VMstore platform, leveraging DDN’s NVMe technology and providing 30% faster performance than previous generation VMstore systems. VMstore T7000 customers benefit from using the same storage hardware controller as DDN At-Scale solutions, deployed in the most demanding AI, analytics, deep learning and high IOPS workloads on the planet.

Scale up to 645TB with a single VMstore T7000 system and grow beyond 40PB in a scale-out configuration. All your VMstore systems – supporting up to hundreds of thousands of VMs, databases or containers – can be managed from a single console with Tintri Global Center™. Enterprises choosing NVMe as their preferred platform can now gain the advantages of Intelligent Infrastructure to consolidate their enterprise applications, manage storage with generalist IT skills and re-focus on their business.




  • Consistent Performance – Isolation for each and every VM workload or database workload all the time
  • Data Services – Real-time deduplication and compression, public cloud connector, copy data management, and more 
  • Real-Time Analytics – Visibility across storage, network, and hosts on a per-VM or per-database basis
  • Actionable Analytics – Get to root cause in one click. Fix and see results instantly
  • Predictive Analytics – Profile application types, then model and forecast capacity and performance needs over the next 18 months
  • Developer Choice – Select Tintri’s native REST APIs, PowerShell toolkit, Python SDK, or plugins such as our vRealize Orchestrator to meet your needs
  • Per-Application Data Management – Manage snapshots, clones, replication, and QoS policies on a per-app, per-VM, or per-database basis
  • High Availability – Dual-controllers, hot spares, inline checksums and referential integrity with real-time error detection
  • Choice of Application Environments – Supports VMs, Databases and container


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