eLux is an ultra light-weight, Linux-based, hardware agnostic, highly secure x86 end-point operating system purpose-built to help companies scale, and secure their end-user computing in complex VDI, DaaS environments.

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Product Details

eLux is a light-weight operating system extremely flexible to deploy and manage in any VDI and DaaS scenarios.

Administrators can deliver a secure, stable and consistent experience to a diverse, distributed and remote workforce using existing VDI, cloud environments. Users can stay productive and connected to newer ways of working irrespective of whether they are in the office, at home or on the move.

eLux is optimized for automated on-boarding into Scout end-point management. Administrators can roll out devices faster and more quickly, saving time and effort.

Unicon solutions have been in continuous development for over 20 years by an experienced team of developers with deep expertise in virtualization scenarios at an enterprise level. Unicon solutions are also developed with evolving market trends factoring the needs of both the large enterprise as well as small- and medium-sized businesses that want more compute power with scalability, manageability and security built-in by design.

Scout is a robust, lean end-point management solution for devices running eLux. Scout is ideal for large enterprises, small- and medium-sized businesses using VDI or DaaS environments that want to scale, manage, secure, and deploy a consistent user experience.

Scout Cloud Gateway is an integrated solution that enables companies to quickly and securely connect end-point devices operating in remote, distributed environments.

Thin Client configuration and test case results:

Thin Client OS: eLux
Architecture: 64 bit (X64)

Type Test Standard Premium Test Results
Multimedia Hardware Accelaration using H265 Codec Support (Optional)       X Not Tested
Video Conferencing on Skype for Business with HDX Real Time Optimization Pack Support       X Passed
Optimization for Microsoft Teams Support       X Passed
HTML5 Redirection Support       X Passed
Browser Content Redirection Support       X Passed
Windows Media Stream Redirection Support       X Passed
Security PIV Smartcard Support       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Enablers Citrix Cloud Services Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Files access and Experience Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace App Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Support       X       X Passed
Access Secure SaaS and Web Application       X       X Passed
Devices Plug n Play Devices Redirection       X       X Passed
High-Definition Webcam Streaming       X       X Passed
3D Mouse Support and Redirection       X       X Passed
Graphics Rich Graphics Application Support       X       X Passed
Multi Monitor Support for 2D and 3D Applications       X       X Passed
Pixel Perfect Lossless Compression       X       X Passed
2D Graphics - Server Rendered Virtual Application       X       X Passed
Multimedia Video Playback - Server Rendered Windows Media Redirection       X       X Passed
Print Client Printer Test Using Citrix Universal Printer Driver       X       X Passed
General HDX Traffic Management and Monitoring with Citrix ADM 
      X       X Passed
Accelerated Traffic Support through Citrix SD-WAN (optional)       X       X Not Tested

*Passed: This case is fully tested by partner and has met the desired results.
*Not Tested – This test case was not executed as per partner preference. Submit your questions by clicking on the Request Information button on this page.
*NA (Not Applicable) – This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitation.


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


  • Highly secure Linux-based x86 end-point operating system
  • Designed to be operated in a unified, easy-to-manage and secure end-point infrastructure
  • Secure operation within corporate firewalls as well as for devices in remote offices and mobile work scenarios
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Extends life of existing multi-brand hardware - comprising of thin clients, desktop PCs and laptops
  • Modular by design: Administrators are provided with granular control and can deploy OS upgrades, security or application updates in an incremental manner saving bandwidth and time
  • Highly customizable: Administrators can create individual images and integrate individual software packages as well as corporate branding.
  • Supports large and complex environments for companies that need a scalable and easy-to-manage end-user computing infrastructure
  • Works perfectly with the Scout Management Suite for convenient management of your infrastructure and the Scout Cloud Gateway for easy and secure connection of remote devices
  • Runs on over 2 million end-point devices
  • Plug & work with eLux Portable: Secure remote access from anywhere without installation


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