Visioneer is a developer of intelligent imaging solutions that provide a faster and easier way to capture documents and photographs and integrate them with popular Windows and document imaging applications.

Visioneer has persistently been dedicated to the innovation and development of scanners that intelligently complete tasks from start-to-finish in one easy step. Another recent success was in creating a new category of affordable and easy-to-use productivity scanning solutions for the corporate and legal markets. Visioneers new product line improves office efficiency, increases client satisfaction and converts time lost from paper shuffling into billable hours.

Visioneer has made a strong commitment to providing leading edge technology, a robust software bundle while having better value proposition. In 2003, Visioneer combined its scanner technology with Xerox brand recognition to develop the Xerox DocuMate series of workgroup scanners. Visioneer and Xerox branded products provide a family of hardware solutions for the distributed and desktop scanner markets as well as the mobile and remote business scanning and storage segments. Visioneer has a solution for everyone, from the home and small office user to corporate and department workgroups, allowing them to be more creative, communicate more effectively, and increase productivity. Visioneers products have set the standard in quality and user friendliness.

Visioneer is committed to conserving natural resources and minimizing their impact on the environment. They actively implement measures to increase efficiency, conserve energy and water, improve air quality, and reduce waste through theiroffice building operations, waste management, and product development programs.

Energy Efficiency of Products

Visioneer and Xerox Scanners Meet & Exceed all regulatory requirements including Energy Star, RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances), and are manufactured under ISO certificates 9001-2000 and 14001.

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