X-IO Technologies

X-IOs Intelligent Storage systems deliver unmatched price/performance for enterprise applications. The companys plug-and-perform Intelligent Storage solutions are customer proven to Xcelerate transactional, reporting and business intelligence applications by a factor of 3X or more. X-IO Intelligent Storage drives Xtreme performance for virtual desktop and server infrastructures, while dramatically reducing storage costs and footprint.

The companys patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology serves as the foundation of its Emprise line of storage hardware products, which deliver the industrys highest performing, most reliable application-oriented data storage. ISE enables 100 percent usable storage capacity, with zero drop in performance as drives are fully utilized. X-IO systems provide more performance with less hardware because of their efficiency, allowing organizations to scale their storage infrastructures up and out with unmatched flexibility. ISE represents an intelligent storage architecture that can meet the demands of performance, data growth, protection, availability, and operating cost requirements in data centers.

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