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Philips IntelliSpace Portal

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Your advanced analysis, in focus Provide a confident diagnosis quickly and efficiently.

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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.1
  • XenDesktop 7.5


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)

Product Details

IntelliSpace Portal supports the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of critical patient data throughout the continuum. IntelliSpace Portal delivers a deep, comprehensive clinical knowledge for complex cases, with advanced visualization and a true multi-modality approach.

Discover how the powerful combination of intelligence, integration, and interpretation within Philips IntelliSpace Portal can transform the way you work, think, and care for patients. This single multi-modality and multi-vendor* advanced visualization and analysis solution gives you measurement and quantification capabilities to support your efforts in diagnostic objectiveness and consistency.By taking steps to achieve definitive diagnoses, you lay the foundation for developing tailored treatments and improving patient care.

Access,review,analyze,diagnose, and present images quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively with the latest technology with a single advanced visualization and analysis solution from Philips. It works across clinical specialties, across modalities, and across your enterprise.


Clinical capabilities - Bring brilliant focus to your screen
IntelliSpace Portal empowers you to work with new scope that supports clinical excellence.

Extensive clinical coverage - Deepen and widen your view
Expanded and enhanced applications deliver deeper, more comprehensive clinical information for complex cases. A growing portfolio now offers, for example, a comprehensive suite of MR applications in cardiology and neurology.

Focus on what you need to - Increase diagnostic confidence
Growing numbers of images per patient and multi-modality cases mean an enormous amount of data to review. Automatic image enhancement as well as visualization tools help you perform an optimal reading and easily interpret quantified data.

Multi-modality, multi-vendor - A consistent viewing environment
Handle images as one with advanced visualization and analysis. Leverage the anatomical, functional, spatial, and temporal dimensions provided by CT, MR, MI, and US on a single platform - and with multi-vendor visualization.

Streamlined workflow - Elevate efficiency with ease
Advanced visualization and analysis with IntelliSpace Portal is designed to transform the way your imaging enterprise works.

Obtain results fast - Speed time to diagnosis
Work efficiently on cases. Have prior studies transferred to a local folder with new ones, and use bookmarks to indicate where you left off. And automate image processing and other manual tasks that can prevent fast, efficient input.

Go from PACS to thin-client - Work where it suits you
Multiple users can access applications virtually anywhere instead of waiting for a workstation. Complete an entire case in one review and one session, from one chair. Or interface with your Philips PACS and PACS from other vendors

Communication with colleagues - Collaborate in real time
Working together is easy. Share bookmarks and results, and transfer studies hassle-free. Enjoy access to studies virtually anywhere with Web Collaboration. It turns any mobile device into a true multi-modality viewer

Multi-site scalable capability - Broaden your reach
A scalable solution, IntelliSpace Portal Concerto offers constant access to information. It connects with multiple servers - at different sites or at a single site - to provide universal viewing of patients within your imaging enterprise.