Prismo Active Cyber Risk Management Platform

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Prismo is a Cyber Risk Management platform that continuously exposes security blind spots, thoroughly minimizes attack surfaces, and actively handles risks and threats. Prismo provides comprehensive active risk management across the entire organization including users, assets, and software (applications and codebases). Prismo’s efficiencies provide overworked security teams with the breathing room to actively manage risks within core business processes – Workforce, Workloads, and Workflows – before they can turn into threats.

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Product Details

In addition to enforcing the overall integrity of identity, assets, and software, Prismo actively and consistently manages risks across distributed, global environments in real-time:

  • Proactive Control: For inherent risks such as a known vulnerability, a policy automatically is created and pushed to protect against an exploit.
  • Automated Containment: For imminent risks such as malware that is triggering, the malicious behavior is blocked automatically.
  • Efficient Handling: All risks are ranked by severity and long-term mitigation (such as a blacklist or a custom policy to handle a given exposure) can be created easily and surely.


Prismo Active Cyber Risk Management Platform features:

  • Cloud-native: Operates in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.
  • Real-time: All operations are executed in real-time
  • Robust telemetry: In addition to discovering users, assets, and software, gathers rich telemetry data from multiple sources
  • Transaction-based: Weaves events into an end-to-end Transaction, adds Context, and normalizes into a Chain-of-Trust
  • Active and Automated: Leverages Chain-of-Trust analytics to identify Imminent and Inherent Risks in real-time and provide an automated response
  • Intent-based: Intent-based policies minimize both categories of risk and stay current as the environment changes
  • Actionable: Role-specific dashboards provide current assessments of Risks, KPIs, Compliance, and more and the ability to immediately take action
  • Programmable: Integrates into enterprise environments via APIs and into custom applications via an SDK.


The vision of a ‘borderless enterprise’ has been difficult to accomplish without a robust VDI offering. Yet, VDI implementations suffer from security and visibility limitations. Together, Citrix and Prismo provide a powerful, secure, and manageable solution for VDI. Advantages:

  • Powerful user experience: Citrix’s VDI offering maximizes flexibility for providing end users with powerful and intuitive user experiences independent of the end user’s device.
  • Security: Prismo’s security protects VDI implementations from end to end by eliminating blind spots and automatically responding to risks as they arise.
  • Visibility: Prismo provides visibility and enhanced insights into the overall environment, into end user behavior, and into the usage of VDI desktops.


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