UniPrint uses PDF-based universal printer driver technology to provide a comprehensive range of enhanced printing solutions in Citrix environments. The UniPrint Infinity printing software optimizes printing functionality, minimizes printer management, improves print security and reduces bandwidth consumption.

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Product Details

UniPrint Infinity is a truly secure enterprise-wide printer management for any computing environment. Based on UniPrint’s patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver and powered by its Virtual Print Infrastructure, UniPrint Infinity simplifies printer management and enables anywhere, anytime, any device secure/follow-me printing across different platforms, offices and geographies, helping to create enterprise-wide efficiency and reduce printing costs.

The UniPrint Infinity software enables:

  • Simplified print management
  • Secure/follow-me printing.
  • BYOD printing (including iOS and Android devices).
  • Enterprise-wide savings in printing costs.
  • Measurable ROI.
  • All-platform, all-client, all-printer hardware compatibility.

UniPrint Infinity is the print management solution for organizations that see the values of future-proofing their printing environments to provide worry-free printing to its workforce, fulfill security and compliance requirements, and save printing costs.

It is especially beneficial to highly regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, banking and finance.


  • Fully compatible with Citrix products
  • Simplify Print Management
  • Eliminate printer mapping issues
  • Reduce printing support calls by up to 75%
  • Reduce bandwidth usage and increase remote printing speed
  • Save printing costs by 20-40%
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Supports all platform, all client, and all printer hardware


Simplify IT Management - UniPrint Infinity is a printer-vendor independent managed print software that works in any computing environment. Based on UniPrint’s patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver and powered by its Virtual Print Infrastructure, UniPrint Infinity simplifies printing and printer management in enterprise environments. When adding printers to the network, IT administrators used to constantly struggle with driver mapping, installation and upgrading. UniPrint Infinity makes those challenges a thing of the past by creating a Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) that allows users to print to any device. Print commands sent to busy or non-functioning printers can be re-directed to other available printers for immediate printing, ensuring minimal work disruption across your enterprise. The result is anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing across different platforms, offices and geographies.

Enhance Printing Functionality - UniPrint Infinity eliminates printer driver incompatibility issues, optimizes bandwidth availability and delivers a seamless printing experience for local and remote users. Print data is compressed by as much as 90% and converted to PDF to enable faster overall print job transmission. Using the Printer Profiles utility, IT administrators can create custom, one-click printer profiles for specific printers, print job types or users. Users can now select printer-specific properties such as paper-tray selection, duplexing and finishing options prior to releasing a selected print job. Enhance Document Security - More than ever before, secure print functionality is of utmost importance in industries such as healthcare, financial services, government and legal services. UniPrint Infinity enhances enterprise-wide document security using PDF encryption control functionality and easy, secure pull printing. The vPad provides extra document security, ensuring print jobs are only “pulled” or released from the selected printer after the user has been authenticated via PIN, smart card swipe or key FOB. The vPad user authentication device is fully compatible with any smart card readers, and can incorporate RFID, HID and FOB devices already employed in many workplaces.

Reduce Printing Costs - Enterprises with complex computing infrastructures will find UniPrint Infinity especially useful for reducing printing costs. Easy software deployment and management, simplified IT administration and printer-vendor independence mean reduced expenses. User-authenticated pull printing capability reduces unnecessary printing resulting in enterprise-wide savings in printing and paper costs. Global organizations can achieve a 20% reduction in print volumes. With a measurable ROI, organizations can use UniPrint Infinity to meet their enterprise printing needs while reducing the associated costs by at least 35%.

Improve Operational Efficiency - UniPrint Infinity is an all-client, all-platform software solution that works with any printing device. That means no need to standardize your printer fleet to realize significant cost savings, and no costs to outsource management of office printing services. UniPrint Infinity enhances operational efficiency and reduces expenses while maintaining internal control of your printing environment.

UniPrint Infinity Citrix/RDS printing solution is available through a global network of authorized resellers.

Unique Features

  • Software-based printing solution
  • PDF-based Universal Printer Driver platform
  • Virtual Print Queue technology
  • Centralized management console
  • PDF conversion/compression; also for instant archiving, emailing and merging multiple PDF files before printing
  • Gateway Module for client-less printing
  • PrintPAL for centralized printer mapping tool
  • Printer Profiles for centralized printer profile customization
  • Secure Pull Printing - security
  • Statistics & Archiving
  • Archving - Auditing
  • End to end 256 bit encryption

Add Ons:

  • Secure Print Module
  • Smart Print Module
  • Mobile & Cloud Print Module
  • High Availability Module
  • Print Stream Compression Module




Brochures: Executive Overview

Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity v9 - Product Overview: Enterprise print management solution for any platform, any device and any location printing with security Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - Healthcare Printing Suite: Enable fast, error-free & on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications with 100% uptime Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - Overview of vPad Print Appliances: vPads (CE, Touch, Pro) are multi-purpose print appliances specifically designed to enable on-demand secure pull printing and/or fast and low maintenance remote printing Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - High Availability: Eliminate any single point of failure in a printing system ensuring maximum printing service uptime Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - VPQ Connectors for MFPs: Enables seamless integration of the UniPrint Infinity Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) technology with Xerox, Samsung, HP and Brother multifunction printers Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - vPad Pro: Enables dual print security through PDF encryption and user-authenticated pull printing. It can also replace print servers in remote locations with print server centralization initiatives Resource-iconInfographic - UniPrint Infinity Healthcare Printing Suite Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - PrintPAL: Printer mapping utility that allows network admins to create rules to easily assign printers to specific user profiles Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - vPad CE Print Stream Compression: Solves printing and bandwidth issues that can occur with print server centralization Resource-iconUniPrint Infinity - Printer Profiles: Enables IT administrators to create profiles per printer or driver