Bundled Solutions Program

Program Overview

Citrix Ready Bundled Solution Program features multiple Citrix Ready verified IT solutions to build a fully integrated secure digital workspace solution. The secure digital workspace orchestrates today’s complex on-premise, hybrid- and multi-cloud IT environments into a unified workspace experience by securely delivering the relevant apps and content based on the context across any device, network and platform. Citrix Ready verified IT solutions are closely integrated with this secure digital perimeter, supporting complicated user workflows of while keeping user access protected wherever they work without compromising on user-experience.

Program Highlights
Program Highlights

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Solution Guide Showcase

Citrix Ready Bundled Solution Guides offer you readymade solutions to today’s complex challenges with on-premise, hybrid- and multi-cloud IT environments. By creating a unified and secure workspace experience, the solutions help you adopt the latest innovations while making it simple to deliver, manage, and secure on-premise apps and data or cloud services that you need, when you need it.

Download the solution guides for each of the below bundled solutions that lists two or many partner products verified together in Citrix environment and addresses some of your most unique business challenges end-to-end.

The first Citrix Ready bundle is Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Citrix Cloud and NVIDIA virtual GPU technology. Together, we offer a simple blueprint to deliver the digital workspace to you. This hybrid cloud solution enables the delivery of graphics-accelerated virtual applications and desktops. Find out more about how these partners are collaborating to simplify infrastructure requirements, reduce administrative overhead and hypervisor costs, and improve end-user experience.

In a typical hospital environment, clinicians lose productivity and valuable time with patients as they are required to repeatedly login and logout of multiple workstations throughout the day. QwickACCESS for Chrome devices addresses these challenges by providing clinicians with a fast and secure sign-on solution that leverages unique proximity badge functionality. Healthcare IT leaders now have a solution to deliver secure proximity badge access to their Citrix environment while reducing the costs and complexity associated with end-user computing.

Converged infrastructure enables enterprises to take advantage of faster time to value, lower overall IT costs, and reduced deployment risk that were previously unavailable. However, application availability, management complexity and performance remain an issue for some solutions — particularly for traditional datacenter architectures with aging systems. Citrix, Pure and Cisco delivered converged infrastructure in FlashStack uses best of breed storage, server and network components to serve as the foundation for many key mission-critical enterprise applications and provide a robust platform for cloud services.

Slow login times and slow desktop and application responses are often associated with VDI. Optimizing the user workspace and proper data management can eliminate these concerns, speeding up the responsiveness of VDI so users can take full advantage of the benefits. Together Citrix, Ivanti and Avanite help companies take advantage of the cost-saving, productivity-enhancing benefits offered by virtual workspaces.

Biometrics and document scanners are widely used at remote and branch offices that have low network bandwidths. However, employees at these locations need similar experience to collaborate, scan documents and images and remain productive just as employees at the headquarters. Together Citrix, FabulaTech and VXL deliver a simple, flexible, and highly optimized document scanning and biometrics solution. This helps end users have a seamless experience accessing the devices from anywhere without compromising security standards.

Even a simple print request may pose a high security risk for an organization if not adequately monitored and managed. Combining Citrix, IGEL and ThinPrint, organizations can adopt print solutions that satisfy government-mandated regulations for protecting end users and protect proprietary organizational data — all while providing a first-class desktop and app experience for users, meeting HIPAA standards and the EU's soon-to-be-enacted General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Virtualizing Microsoft Skype for Business is challenging but has compelling security, mobility and management benefits. An un-optimized implementation can increase costs, affect poorer bandwidth efficiency and degrade audio-video quality. Combining Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, Sennheiser headsets and IGEL OS powered endpoints, organizations can deliver top-class Skype for Business experience in Citrix environments that legacy phone systems cannot match.