Citrix Ready Validated Solutions for Healthcare

Citrix and ChromeOS bring together cost-effective and scalable digital transformations at the forefront to satisfy the needs of the constantly changing healthcare industry. Our hybrid cloud infrastructure, guarded with advanced security features enables clinicians the flexibility to switch between multiple devices when roaming across patients’ rooms.

citrix and ChromeOS

We have you covered from interchangeable device flexibility, including converted ChromeOS Flex devices, to rapid provisioning and boot-up, to seamless, unified, and customized access to mission-critical healthcare apps. To offer a unified environment, Citrix Daas and ChromeOS facilitate Integration with various third-party endpoints, peripherals, and applications, responsible for smooth healthcare operations.

The Citrix and ChromeOS teams are working closely to integrate, test and validate a complete healthcare solution stack that works, from day one, out-of-the-box. Citrix Ready validated solutions deliver choice, trust and value to healthcare IT professionals around the world. You can pick any combination of endpoints, peripherals and applications and they will work right “out-of-the-box”.