Mobility is the order of the day. Employees can work from anywhere, on any device, over any network. Organizations have embraced this style of working. But the downside of all this flexibility is an increase in threat vectors and security risks.

Citrix security solutions help customers proactively protect information, manage risk, and achieve compliance. Integrated with partner’s Identity and Access Management products, these unique joint solutions offer a secure digital workspace and secure digital perimeter by combining secure access to apps and data with contextual control, visibility and behaviour analytics across devices, networks and clouds. Together, these enable customers secure access, mobile security, data and IP protection, compliance, and business continuity.

These IAM products from Citrix Ready partners provide basic and advanced IAM capabilities for Citrix environments and can be deployed on cloud, on-prem, or in hybrid environments. The program highlights the different features and functionalities these products can provide to help secure access to enterprise apps and data.