Over the years, the healthcare industry has seen many providers adopt desktop virtualization (VDI) to lower costs and improve clinical workflows. Healthcare providers often use graphics intensive applications to enrich information sharing and reporting. However, this is often challenging because many VDI solutions struggle to keep up with modern, graphic-intensive applications. But, with Citrix and NVIDIA healthcare organizations can resolve this critical challenge.

Citrix Workspace meets the requirement for digital transformation by providing organizations with a superior employee experience and higher productivity. By powering Citrix Workspace with virtual graphics processing units (vGPUs), healthcare practitioners can access virtualized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) applications from any device seamlessly. This greatly improves the efficiency of both clinicians and staff. In addition, such a delivery mechanism is not only cost- efficient, but also secure, centralizing critical patient data to the data center, instead of residing in vulnerable endpoint devices.

Join Citrix and NVIDIA in this webinar to understand how the deployment of Citrix Workspace and NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions is helping healthcare organizations improve care delivery and healthcare outcomes.

In this webinar we learnt how to:

  • Deliver graphic accelerated Citrix Workspace for healthcare professionals
  • Attain lower infrastructure costs, and support new clinical workflows, securely that enhance productivity and mobility
  • Deploy Citrix and NVIDIA through real-world healthcare customer examples and the impact these solutions have delivered