Together, Citrix and Tricerat harness their technologies to deliver an excellent user experience and more efficient administrator workflows for healthcare. While Citrix provides a remarkable user experience, security, and choice, Tricerat offers unique, remote desktop printing solutions to extend and enhance the printing experience for Citrix customers. With Citrix Workspace, you get a robust solution regardless of the type of app, device, network, or location, with fewer steps.

Join Citrix, Tricerat, and a guest hospital IT manager to discuss how to better manage a healthcare IT environment in the year 2019.

Learning from the webinar:

  • How Citrix helps unify cloud-based app, data, network, and identity services in a secure digital workspace
  • Best practices in healthcare IT management, improving admin efficiencies, and harnessing new technologies in healthcare
  • How to increase productivity and reduce challenges in your IT environment
    • - Streamlining management of diverging platforms
    • - Maintaining and improving the experience for your staff