Why a Citrix Ready workspace hub

Citrix Ready workspace hub is the central piece of the Citrix Workspace IoT solution . Citrix Ready workspace hub replaces HDX Ready Pi as it evolves to solve more use cases than just being a thin client. It is built on the Raspberry Pi 3 client with the Citrix workspace hub software as well as Stratodesk/Atrust software. It is available via Citrix Ready partners NComputing, ViewSonic and Atrust. The Citrix Ready workspace hub is a fully assembled device which can act as a thin client, replace your desk phones, and smart card readers. With software updates, the hub will soon solve innovative use cases around enterprise IoT dealing with workplace transformation, conference room of the future and more.

Citrix Workspace Hub – Powering the Future of Work

 Citrix Ready Workspace Hub as a Thin Client  

Raspberry Pi based thin client delivers the compelling economics of consumer devices. Citrix Ready verification ensures that it meets the performance, security and manageability demands of an enterprise-grade zero client. Device cost is no longer a barrier for using desktop virtualization to execute PC refresh, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 strategies.

  • Slash VDI client hardware costs by up to 80%
  • Save up to 90% on annual support costs
  • Simplify set up, administration and maintenance
  • Ultra-compact and VESA mountable
  • HDX Ready certified for best user experience
  • Optimized for GPU offloading
  • Optimized for Skype for Business voice and video
  • Dual monitor support
  • Management by Citrix Endpoint Management, formerly Citrix XenMobile
  • Proximity authentication replaces need for tap and go cards
  • Citrix Casting

Citrix Ready Workspace Hub Vendors

The Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing (RX-HDX) has shown itself to be a disruptive endpoint device in the Citrix market, dramatically slashing the typical costs of VDI client hardware and support while delivering all the performance, security and manageability demanded by the enterprise. Key benefits for enterprises include:

  • Slash VDI client hardware and support cost by up to 80%
  • Integrated enterprise-grade centralized device management
  • Secure, rugged and compact design; low power consumption (5W max)
  • Imprivata and Caradigm compatibility

Removing the barriers through a unique formula of simplicity, performance and value, NComputing's integrated solutions serve global customers worldwide with our expertise in Citrix’s solution. Successfully deployed across Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Government and other Enterprise markets

Stratodesk is the pioneering software provider for the Citrix Ready workspace hub. Available from both NComputing and ViewSonic, also referred to as the RX-HDX and SC-T125 Pis respectively, the workspace hub stands at the zenith of innovative technology and design. The workspace hub is built on the Raspberry Pi platform, making it secure, affordable and compact. Meanwhile, it is Stratodesk’s software that makes the workspace hub a truly disruptive IoT endpoint for the enterprise.

Stratodesk NoTouch OS, the OS of the Citrix Ready workspace hub, includes Citrix Workspace app directly out of the box for seamless connection to Citrix Workspace. Also fully supported on NoTouch OS is session roaming, QR code login, WiFi & Bluetooth, and Imprivata and Caradigm support.

Empower your Citrix VDI with 2 HD displays! Thanks to Stratodesk software, the workspace hub is able to connect to the Secondary Display Adapter, thereby enabling multi monitor/dual view . Furthermore, Stratodesk software supports Skype for Business on the hub.

Finally, Stratodesk NoTouch Center brings unparalleled enterprise grade management to your Citrix deployment. Ready for advanced VDI and IoT use cases facing the enterprise, NoTouch Center supports drag and drop certificate handling, Single Sign-On, Reporting tool & Scripting Engine. NoTouch Center fully manges both your Citrix Ready workspace hubs and x86 devices in the same environment!"

The ViewSonic® SC-T25 Citrix workspace hub (based on Raspberry Pi 3) is perfect for businesses looking for cost-effective and high performance solutions for their virtual workspace needs. With integrated Bluetooth, the SC-T25 supports all of the Citrix Workspace Hub usage models, include beacon-based session roaming, QR code login, and Citrix Casting. With a slim and compact design and optional mounting plate, the SC-T25 easily attaches to your VESA-ready monitor. What's more, with its eco-friendly design, the SC-T25 consumes less than 5W of power and uses up to 90% less energy than standard PCs. Need dual displays? Just add on the SC-ADPT-025 secondary display adapter, and drive your virtual extended desktop across two monitors.

Atrust introduces a new thin client t32C (powered by Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pi Zero).The Atrust t32C Citrix workspace hub is designed for organization looking for cost-effective and high-performance solutions for their virtual workspace needs. With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, Atrust t32C supports session roaming, QR code login, and screen casting. The Atrust t32C bundled with in house Linux software Atrust Client Setup (ACS) and central management tool Atrust Device Manager (ADM), management becomes simple and easy. The Atrust t32C workspace hub is complete with Skype for Business, H.264, and 2 high definition displays.

Here at Raspberry Pi driving down the cost of computer hardware remains our biggest imperative, so we are very excited to join ViewSonic as they launch the HDX Ready Raspberry Pi. This innovation introduces a low-cost user device for Citrix's industry-leading virtual app and desktop technology.
Eben Upton
CEO, Raspberry Pi

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