Workspace Security Program
Trusted Security Solutions for Citrix Workspace
Citrix Ready Workspace Security Program

Work is no longer a place. Today, it’s an increasingly dynamic activity that people expect to be as adaptable as they are. People are trading in the cubicles and desktops for virtual meetings and mobile devices. To power this new way of working and support strategic business objectives, organizations have embraced user-friendly SaaS and cloud-based services. But managing a proliferation of apps and data scattered across clouds and data centres is unwieldy, increases your security risks, and puts a strain on productivity.

Citrix Workspace is the only solution that delivers a unified, secure and intelligent workspace that lets people do their best work while maintaining a high-quality user experience.

Together we are simplifying security in a cloud-first world

Citrix Workspace integrates with leading security vendors to address growing cybersecurity threats. The Citrix Ready Workspace Security Program provides a choice of leading security vendors that complement Citrix solutions, allowing people to securely work anytime, from anywhere, while simplifying how IT manages the environment

Explore trusted security solutions that are tested and verified to work with Citrix Workspace including key security integrations in:

SaaS Security

As part of their IT offerings, companies are progressively relying on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. As users attempt to access all of the apps necessary to do their jobs, they must grapple with multiple logins and inconsistent interfaces that impact their productivity. IT must contend with the additional complexity of administering access control across a growing portfolio of SaaS apps—potentially exposing organizations to security vulnerabilities through growing complexity.

Citrix Access Control helps consolidate VPN, single sign-on and granular security controls for SaaS, web and virtual applications, as well as web filtering and web isolation controls for the Internet. You can take advantage of Citrix Access Control with these out-of-the-box SaaS integrations.

Identity and Access Management

Because passwords are so vulnerable, requiring people to use at least two forms of authentication to access apps and desktops is essential for effective security. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Gateway support multifactor authentication and activity logging for compliance support. Check out our integrations with best in class IAM vendors.

Network and Cloud Security

With cloud services sourced from multiple vendors, security is inconsistent and access is fragmented. Citrix Workspace gives IT the capabilities to monitor, regulate, and manage cloud security risks such as denying users access to questionable websites. Citrix Workspace also delivers a high-performance experience through reliable connections, network optimization, better application load times, through adaptive, and context-aware virtualization technologies, ensuring quality experience regardless of source, network, or device .

Device and Endpoint Security

Citrix Workspace provides end-to-end encryption to secure data as it moves between the endpoint, network, and company resources. T can leverage sophisticated container technology to secure apps and data on the device with a high-security encrypted vault for key storage. Explore our integrations with advanced endpoint protection and mobile security platforms.

Data Security

Citrix Workspace secures your most sensitive business data, whether it’s in use, in motion, or at rest—in the data center or the cloud. Our offerings with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration ensures IT can centrally store and manage apps, data and files in a central data center or the cloud, keeping them shielded from leaks and theft. Also, we integrate with best in class cloud security, DLP and IRM vendors to ensure your data is secure, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Monitoring and Analytics

Device security is handled through the Citrix Endpoint Management service, which offers both MAM and MDM solutions, for mobile devices, as well as, UEM solution to also include laptops and desktops. Explore our integrations with advanced endpoint protection and mobile security platforms.

Are you a technology vendor?

Our program makes it easy for technology vendors of all types to integrate, test and validate their security solutions with Citrix Workspace.