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VSky A-Series

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VSky A-Series are scale-out storage solutions for data centers and enterprises offering a complete choice of interfaces providing NAS, object and block-based access.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.5


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)


Product Details

VSky A-Series are scale-out storage solutions that run on PROMISE’s hardware which forms the backend of its infrastructure. VSky A-Series is designed for multi-petabyte environments, delivering high-performance object, block and file system storage in a cost-effective platform. With its massively scalable, highly reliable architecture, VSky A-Series is not only better for storing large volumes of unstructured data, but it’s an ideal storage platform for backup/archiving, video surveillance, virtual environments, content delivery and more.

The Benefits of VSky A-Series are:

Ideal for Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance & Cloud/IT
VSky A-Series are scale-out storage solutions that allow businesses to scale, access and archive at petabyte volumes, making them the ideal storage platform for backup/archiving, media editing, video surveillance, virtual environments, content delivery and more.

Seamless Scaling
The explosion of data has created massive challenges for IT who must now think on a petabyte scale. However, many traditional storage systems are not able to efficiently and cost effectively store petabytes of data. VSky A-Series enable IT to overcome these challenges as customers can scale to petabyte volumes with no downtime, with a single flat name space and with no capacity planning needed.

All-in-One Storage Solutions
Unlike competing solutions lacking multi-protocol access, VSky A-Series provides a single infrastructure with scale out capability for object, file, and block level storage. As an all-in-one storage solution, VSky A-Series overcome the complicated issue of managing different storage systems and can deliver data protection and NAS, iSCSI and Object functions via a single management interface.

Integrated Solutions
VSky A-Series are integrated solutions with both the software and hardware provided by PROMISE. This helps eliminates the installation and support issues that arise when integrating software-defined storage and commodity hardware from different vendors.

VDI/Server Virtualization
VSky's high performance iSCSI interface allows businesses to create an individual distributed storage pool that can be used dynamically in different applications.