Protectimus Solutions LLP

Protectimus Solutions LLP has plenty of experience in building reliable authentication systems for banks, payment systems, and other major businesses. They help clients to keep their funds and data safe and configure multi-level account security.

Protectimus is a powerful ecosystem for building strong authentication based on the use of one-time passwords (ОТР). It is a combination of comfortable security and an affordable price.

Protectimus authentication solution is certified by the industry initiative OATH and supports all the standard algorithms of one-time passwords generation. Protectimus offer a number of advanced features enhancing the level of data protection: transaction data signature or CWYS (Confirm What You See), smart identification, geographical and time filters. Customers can use a wide range of software and hardware tokens and choose between two types of our services: either a Cloud Service (the client uses our servers, which are carefully protected) or as a Platform (the client installs 2FA solution on his own servers).

The Protectimus technical support service will provide the necessary assistance during the process of integration and system use.


Prompt Service
Protectimus is always available and ready to answer all your questions.

To corporate customers Protectimus offers comprehensive white-label solutions. Protectimus products can be manufactured in style and colors of your company.

Individual Approach
For Protectimus, each corporate customer is unique and deserves undivided attention. Protectimus' team will take great care of you and give you the feeling of being our only customer.

Integration Assistance
To ensure an easy and simple start, Protectimus provides comprehensive support and consultations during the integration process.

Customization on Request
If a customer has specific requirements and preferences in terms of the system’s functionality, the Protectimus team is willing and ready to meet and implement them.

Unprecedented Security
Support of all the standard algorithms TOTP, HOTP, and OCRA, as well as innovative advanced features and products like transaction data signature, smart identification, reprogrammable NFC tokens, etc. allow successful overcoming of even the most serious challenges.

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