Resilio is a privately held software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Millions of end-users and hundreds of enterprise customers depend on Resilio software to rapidly, reliably, and predictably transport their high-value, file-based digital assets across any IP network.

Founded by the creators of BitTorrent Sync in 2013, the company’s mission is to help enterprises securely unify, control, and accelerate data movement over any location and network - for file-based data sets of any scale. Building on Resilio’s proprietary software-only architecture, technology, and dedication to customers, Resilio addresses the ubiquitous data movement challenges of global enterprises everywhere. Resilio software unifies distributed or siloed data and devices, putting enterprises in control of their file-based data, across any device, location, network, IT infrastructure, and cloud provider. Resilio software is everywhere - deployed on trucks, vessels, airplanes, and mobile devices for remote operations. Deployed in major data centers and cloud providers. Being utilized across a variety of data-intensive industries and in solutions for remote work, file synchronization, distribution, and consolidation.

Resilio software keeps data secure and protected and helps remote workers be more productive. Resilio software accelerates data movement in mission-critical applications and workflows in industries such as gaming, energy, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, marine, media and entertainment, financial services such as high-frequency trading, remote operations, branch office connectivity, among other industries.

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