Resilio Connect for Citrix provides a software-only, real-time VDI profile synchronization solution for multi-site VDI environments requiring faster, more predictable replication performance, active-active HA, and faster user logon times. The solution speeds up user profile and data replication by up 10x over conventional WAN optimization and storage replication offerings, centrally automates and simplifies management, and works with existing storage infrastructure (DAS, SAN, NAS). Resilio Connect also works with your virtualization platform and cloud provider of choice.

Resilio’s universal file delivery system unifies file data from edge to core to cloud, across any device and location. Resilio Connect gives IT control over enterprise-wide file data, centrally monitoring and visualizing all data and events across the organization. The system scales-out to high capacity file systems, accelerating performance in real-time over any network to 10 Gbps and beyond, over any distance. Security and reliability are built-in, ensuring data integrity and protecting data globally.

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Product Details

Resilio’s universal file delivery system, powered by Resilio Connect, unifies file data from edge to core to cloud, across any device and location. Resilio Connect gives IT control over enterprise-wide file data, centrally monitoring and visualizing all data and events across the organization. The system scales-out performance in real-time, moving the large datasets at near wire speed, over any distance. Security and reliability are built-in, ensuring data integrity and protecting data globally.

Unify Data Flows 
Unify globally distributed data and devices from edge to core to cloud. Resilio Connect unifies data flows across any location, on-premise data centers, and the cloud. Built on open standards and open data formats, Resilo Connect gives organizations the flexibility to unify any type of IT infrastructure--desktops, servers, and storage--and move data in any direction. Popular data flows include consolidation, distribution, synchronization, and collaboration.

Control Data Globally
Automate and centrally monitor and manage all data movement through an enterprise-wide management console. Scale to move the largest data sets containing hundreds of millions of files and a variety of file sizes, from small to massive. Visualize and control enterprise-wide management operations, centrally. Integrate popular management frameworks such from Microsoft, Splunk, LCE, Grafana, and Prometheus, among others.

Accelerate Performance
Scale-out performance using Resilio’s patented peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture and UTX zero gravity transport.  Concurrently move data in any direction at near wire speed up to 10x faster than conventional WAN optimization and storage-based replication. Real-time data awareness transparently and efficiently replicates changed data automatically. Resilio Connect optimizes all aspects of file delivery to rapidly sync up to millions of files of any size and type. 

Secure and Protect Data End-to-End
Resilio Connect includes a complete, purpose-built software security stack; there’s no reliance on 3rd party services or the cloud.
Security is built-in and does not rely on any 3rd-party infrastructure or software. Resilio provides end-to-end data protection and encryption for data at rest and in-transit. Resilio builds on industry-standard cryptographic security such as TLS 1.2 with the latest encryption algorithms (AES-256) to protect data in transit. Mutual authentication based on private keys guarantees protection against man-in-the-middle attacks.


  • N-way Synchronization for Maximum Scalability
    Synchronize files in any direction: one-way, two-way, one-to-many, or many-to-many. Synchronize up to millions of files of any size and type. 
  • Real-Time Profile Synchronization
    Real-time file synchronization allows you to automatically and immediatly sync changed files, folders, and VDI user profiles; only the changed portion of the file is synchronized. 
  • Resilience for Data Integrity
    Update software and move and sync data reliably. Data integrity is always maintained, ensuring 100% file delivery success using Resilio's unique peer-to-peer architecture.
  • Virtual Server Consolidation 
    Sync and consolidate file data from 1000s of machines. Collect performance reports, set bandwidth limits and rules, monitor transaction logs, and visualize management. .
  • Open, Cross Platform
    Run Resilio Connect on popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, and a variety of major NAS solutions.
  • Workflow Management
    Use custom scripts to operate on the data you move or files you sync. Scripts can be made OS-specific and written in any programming language.
  • Event Processing Integration
    Pair Connect with any major event processing solution to receive detailed notifications and analysis of file sync events.
  • Bandwidth Scheduler
    Set bandwidth usage limits based on time-of-day or day-of-week to make for more efficient enterprise file sharing. Create different schedules profiles for different jobs and agent groups.
  • Control file transfers via API
    Script any Resilio Connect functionality using a powerful REST API. Manage agents, create groups, control jobs, or report on data transfers in real time.
  • Selective File Synchronization
    Incorporate cloud object storage with on-premises storage and reduce data egress fees. Download only the files that you need, on-demand, without having to sync entire folders.
  • Privacy and Security
    Securely transfer files over end-to-end encrypted connections. State of the art data security that was reviewed and verified by 3rd party security experts. Your data only touches devices you own.
  • Role-Based Permissions
    Improve data management security by adding multi-level admins. Control access to settings, user management, agents, and jobs.
  • WAN Optimization
    Utilize 100% of the available bandwidth in your network independent of distance, latency, or loss to quickly transfer files from system to system.


Speed up Time-to-Desktop 
Resilio Connect provides fast real-time sync for VDI profiles managed in Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) and Microsoft FSLogix. By overcoming latency across sites, Resilio Connect speeds up user profile replication to improve login times and the end-user experience. Deploy system updates faster across data centers, the cloud, remote offices, and the edge.  

Reduce Recovery Times for Disaster Recovery
Reduce recovery times from hours to minutes to improve Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)  and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) through the use of real-time synchronization in combination with Microsoft’s Distributed File System (DFS) and other failover technologies. Resilio Connect eliminates incomplete backups by re-transmitting every data transfer until the job is 100% done.

Synchronize Multiple Locations and Cloud Regions
Resilio Connect is location-independent by design, enabling real-time, high performance multi-site replication for active-active high availability across sites and cloud regions. Connect enables replicating data in any direction across hybrid clouds, including cross-regional replication for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.  

Works with Storage You Already Have
With Connect there is no need to change your storage architecture or migrate large amounts of existing data to implement a global file system. Bring your own cloud (BYOC) or local storage solutions and Connect will work on day one with no operational disruption so you can get going fast. Resilio natively supports Azure Blob & Files, S3, Google Cloud, and any S3-compatible object storage.

Build on Any Cloud
Choose your cloud provider of choice or mix and match cloud providers. Resilio comes pre-configured to work with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Wasabi, and Backblaze, among other cloud providers. Resilio enables secure file access and simplified data management from on-prem to edge to cloud. Deploy your own hybrid cloud to deliver global file services in days (not weeks). Resilio Connect supports any S3-compatible cloud storage and offers native turnkey support for Azure, AWS, Wasabi, and GCP.

Centrally Control Global Operations
Centrally manage, visualize, and monitor all agents and job functions through an intuitive Resilio Connect Management Console. Administrators create and run jobs, control bandwidth allocations, and deploy job instructions across the organization. Once jobs are running, administrators monitor and collect statistical data globally. Events and notifications can be tracked and collected in reports and sent via email. Optionally, Resilio offers a complete API set to expose and automate all functions performed by the Management Console.