Rimo3 Cloud enables you to:

1. Assess your application portfolio and test for cloud readiness
2. Determine application suitability for target cloud platform
3. Plan an effective application and desktop virtualization journey
4. Accelerate modernization and adoption of applications

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Product Details

Modernize your VDI to keep up with the needs of your remote workforce with the most efficient informed application delivery platform on the market. Key outcomes: 

  1. Assess Applications: Remove the manual component of modern application suitability.
  2. Migrate Applications: Ensure applications will work on your desired OS and migrate without risk.
  3. Modernize Applications: Smoothly transition through your MSIX transformation. Automatically test, convert, and test again in minutes.
  4. Manage Applications: No matter the environment, Rimo3 Cloud will help you manage change.

Rimo3 helps you at the various level when you start your migration planning:

  1. During Integration, Rimo3 Cloud has proven itself to be able to validate compatibility of any application in any Citrix type of deployment - on-premises and in the cloud. This is accomplished regardless of the operating system used and will work on physical devices and on any cloud provider.
  2. Tests on any such environments are quick and easy and can be triggered for any number of applications. When failures occur, a plethora of information is provided for fault analysis including detailed logs, multiple screenshots, and a recorded video of the test.
  3. Rimo3 Cloud was also shown to be able to identify any significant deviations in resource usage between the various environments. Therefore, should an application usage of a resource (e.g. CPU or memory) deviate significantly, an administrator will be able to identify and investigate this issue.


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