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Assuring on-line user identity

RSA Adaptive Authentication is a comprehensive risk-based authentication and fraud detection platform that balances security, usability and cost. It offers a layer of security on top of existing user credentials that is convenient for any client type or location. Adaptive Authentication determines when to authenticate users and what type of authentication methods to use based on risk levels, institutional policies and user segmentation. Over one hundred risk indicators are employed to identify high-risk and suspicious activities. Adaptive Authentication combats fraud by analyzing device identification data, behavioral profiles, activity patterns, RSA eFraudNetwork feeds, multi-channel threat indicators and fraud intelligence, all integrated into a single solution.

RSA Solution Brief: Adaptive Authentication

Advantages of RSA Adaptive Authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication benefits all types of organizations, from SaaS to enterprises with on-premises deployments, by offering multiple ways to provide strong multi-factor authentication to users. Users accessing web sites and portals, SSL VPN and Web Application Maker-based applications are fully authenticated. Benefits of Adaptive Authentication include:

  • Low total cost of ownership − Enables user self-enrollment with no need for physical devices.
  • Strong multi-factor authentication − Numerous authentication methods with customizable risk and authentication policies provide the highest fraud detection rates.
  • Superior user experience − Transparent authentication methods offer the lowest impact on genuine users, providing a convenient online experience as users are only challenged when suspicious activities are identified or an organizational policy is violated.
  • Proven reliability − Successfully deployed by thousands or organizations worldwide with hundreds of millions of online users exercising tens of billions of activities.

Citrix ADC, formerly NetScaler and RSA

RSA and Citrix have collaborated to integrate RSA’s Adaptive Authentication with Citrix ADC AAA system for Citrix Gateway, formerly Citrix Access Gateway (SSL VPN) and web applications. The Adaptive Authentication Integration Adapter from RSA is a Java web application that gathers device forensics and fingerprint information from client browsers and forwards it to the Adaptive Authentication Web Server. The Adapter lets administrators incorporate additional invisible and visible authentication methods as a secondary authentication to complement the primary authentication of Citrix ADC against standard user identity systems such as Active Directory or LDAP. The Adapter collects data from users for situations in which additional authentication is required, further protecting portals, applications and networks behind a firewall. The Adapter has been fully tested and validated to work with NetScaler (version 9.2) on all editions including Citrix Gateway, formerly Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition and Citrix ADC Application Firewall.

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