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Product Details

15Five is a continuous performance management suite that allows you to coach your employees as fast as you sprint.

15Five makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures.

Inspired by research in positive psychology, 15Five uses proven employee development methods that drive businesses forward.

15Five is a complete performance management solution to develop your team throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle, from their first day to their last. The more intentional you are with your employee performance strategy now, means less exit interviews in the future.


Say goodbye to the annual performance review
And say hello to your employees becoming the best version of themselves. The Best-Self Review is a research-driven 360° performance management practice, where managers focus on forward growth and performance for each individual.

Hassle-free OKR tracking
Integrate objectives into your weekly check-ins. Set up and view objectives, update progress, and post comments in real-time — creating one experience for your people, and less spreadsheets and emails for you to manage.

Make the most of your one on one meetings
A simple way to plan and execute quick, effective one on one meetings with every employee on your team.

Get visibility into the things that matter most
Whether your team is in the next room or spread across the world, you’ll always be in the loop (and important issues won’t be lost in your Inbox).

Steer the conversation
Create a culture of feedback using 15Five’s powerful question management. With dozens of curated questions, you can direct everyone’s attention to the high priority topics each week.

Celebrate the big and little wins
Employees can simply and quickly @mention a colleague and share why that person earned their praise over the past week. Boost morale and spot hidden rockstars in your organization with the High Fives Dashboard.