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Compatible with

  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway 13.0
  • Citrix Gateway service
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.1


  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Accompa Can Help You avoid project delays and failures caused by using general-purpose tools like Word, Excel, or issue trackers to manage your requirements.

Build a systematic requirements management process with cloud-based (SaaS) requirements management software from Accompa and its purpose-built features for managing requirements that help product management, business analysis, engineering, and IT teams at 100s of companies.

Accompa is used by hundreds of companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups) by:

  • Product Management & Product Marketing Teams
  • Business Analysis (BA) Teams
  • Engineering Teams
  • IT Teams
  • Other personnel (such as Requirements Analysts, Systems Analysts, et al) who gather, manage, track or consume requirements for products & projects

Get Accompa and help your team:

  • Manage requirements in a secure, central repository over the cloud. Access securely from any computer.
  • Create structured requirements to track requirements attributes that are unique to your organization.
  • Manage requirements, features & use cases in an efficient fashion, eliminating the hassles of general-purpose tools (such as Word, Excel, issue trackers, and wikis).
  • Track changes & dependencies automatically – and avoid missed requirements which often lead to project delays and failures.
  • Automate requirements gathering via custom web forms & email addresses. Gather feature requests from customers and internal teams such as Sales & Support.
  • Share up-to-date requirements and collaborate using tools such as discussion threads – to avoid incomplete & inaccurate requirements.
  • Prioritize requirements using systematic methodology – focus your resources on the highest value requirements.
  • Create consistent requirements documents in just a few clicks using intuitive wizard.