BlueJeans Meetings - The secure video conferencing platform that makes you more productive.

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Product Details

BlueJeans Meetings - The secure video conferencing platform that makes you more productive.

Premium meetings for everyone
BlueJeans Meetings transforms your video conferencing experience by integrating the highest-fidelity audio and video performance with incredible productivity features and a comprehensive security toolkit to provide you with a distinct competitive advantage every time you join a meeting.

BlueJeans on the go
The modern worker needs to stay connected regardless of where they are located. BlueJeans Mobile for iOS and Android delivers crystal-clear audio, intelligent bandwidth management, and a safe driving mode to ensure that you can remain productive even when you are on the move.

BlueJeans in the conference room
BlueJeans provides room system interop, having successfully connected with over 19,000 different hardware configurations. Customers experience intuitive in-room controls, unified room system management, and multi-vendor support with BlueJeans Rooms.

BlueJeans App Network
A portfolio of productivity enriching software integrations that enables users to connect their calendars, link their workstream collaboration apps, and unlock more value before, during, and after their meetings.

BlueJeans Command Center
Establish a proactive management posture by leveraging Command Center’s comprehensive performance dashboards and analytics to monitor and respond to issues before they become problems.




Dolby Voice® + HD Video
Multimedia experience ensures amazing audio and visual clarity during meetings to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Smart Meetings
Unleash meeting productivity by tagging critical meeting moments, assigning actions, and producing meeting highlight reels to transfer knowledge and save precious time.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Arm administrators and end users with a full suite of security tools to manage identity, protect against fraud, and ensure that private meetings remain private.

Dynamic Content Sharing
Facilitate an interactive meeting by sharing any type of content and using annotation to illuminate key details. Use the digital white board for brainstorming sessions.

No Download Required
Enable every attendee to quickly join a meeting without having to download anything by leveraging BlueJeans browser-based experience.

Command Center
Gain complete visibility into your BlueJeans environment with real-time insights into meeting performance, network conditions, and user-focused ROI.