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Buddy Punch

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  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Buddy Punch integrates with various scheduling, invoice and payroll processing tools with our time clock software so you can simplify your entire management process and record workers billable hours thereby increase their performance. This is ideal for small business owners looking for a scheduling software to track employee time and attendance or shifts. Connect us with these leading companies to make your life easier all for a low monthly fee.

Buddy Punch has built-in support for many popular payroll vendors, an API, and can be configured to work with over 1000+ websites and apps via Zapier.

Buddy Punch is a cloud-based online time clock system that will simplify collecting timesheets for your business in 2019 and beyond. You can get users started very quickly! Your employees just visit the website for all their punching needs – and our site can be viewed from any internet connected device. You can use the web or our apps for Android and iOS.

Simple steps to use the system:

  • You add your employees to Buddy Punch.
  • We email your employees their usernames & passwords.
  • They login to punch in and out.
  • You login to collect their time at the end of your pay period.


  • GPS Tracking
    GPS Coordinates are available for every punch in and out. Find out where your employees are punching in and out from! Our comprehensive online time clock software can track and audit every single shift of each day, week or month for easier timekeeping.
  • PTO/Sick/Vacation Tracking
    If an employee needs to take sick time, vacation, or personal time off you can do that with Buddy Punch. Your employee makes that request on their time card. You can set up Buddy Punch to require your approval or approve it automatically.
  • Automatic Breaks
    In ensuring employees’ rights to breaks, if you need your employees to automatically be punched out after a set amount of time we have an option for you to do that. Just create a rule and assign it to any number of employees. That way you’ll know anytime which employees are always late clocking back in from their breaks.
  • Overtime Calculations
    OT, Double OT, and CA Overtime? You can specify how you want your overtime calculated. Don’t want OT calculated? No problem, that’s an option too.
  • Project and Job Codes
    Do you have several projects that employees work on? Do you need to know how much time they’re spending on each? To help in project management, you can assign specific jobs to your employees – they select which ones to punch in/out from so as to easily manage their workflow and progress.