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Compatible with

  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway 13.0
  • Citrix Gateway service
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.1


  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Take your cloud to the next level

Visualize all your systems and resources in one place with live dashboards

Deep and immediate insight into stability of complex software systems:

  • performance dashboard
  • status dashboard
  • alerts dashboard
  • root cause analysis
  • predefined configuration templates

Intelligently automate issue resolution and optimize cloud costs

  • automated healing – automate recovery procedures by scripting common responses to production issues. CloudMonix will trigger self-healing actions automatically when problems occur.
  • resources auto-scaling – automatically scale the size of various resources to match the demand, i.e. VMs, SQL Azure, VM Scale-Sets, etc.

Special features for Managed Services Providers

Cloudmonix has a number of features tailored for MSPs and CSPs:

  • ability to manage multiple customers with a single pane of glass
  • volume discounts
  • white label features
  • tight integrations to popular ITSM tools

Ultimate stability for DevOps

Ensure faster and more reliable service delivery. Use CloudMonix to gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health:

  • automate self-healing and auto-scaling tasks
  • reduce errors, ensure resource availability
  • monitor and react to resource changes
  • tight 3rd-party tool integrations for DevOps:

CloudMonix extends Azure with

  • additional monitoring capabilities
  • self-healing automation and auto-scaling
  • 5-min setup time with preconfigured metrics and alerts
  • advanced reporting features
  • 24+ integrations to ITSM and other 3rd party tools
  • templatable profiles
  • ideal for MSP's, CSP's and DevOps
  • much more!