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  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

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Your data is spread across a variety of AWS services such as Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, Redshift, DocumentDB, and Neptune. Druva CloudRanger unifies and simplifies the day-to-day data management of your AWS workloads, as well as automated disaster recovery fucntionality. It’s one solution to manage all your data preotection need– delivering fast recovery and insights to keep your business running, cost efficiently.

CloudRanger provides an easy to use, reliable platform for snapshot and AMI management of Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS, Redshift, Neptune and Document DB (with MongoDB capability) resources utilizing AWS native snapshots. Simply choose your creation schedule, set a retention period and apply by tag or instance ID for each of your backup policies.

CloudRanger enables you to manage native AWS servers, databases and backup policies across multiple AWS regions and accounts from one simple dashboard. For added protection against disaster, you can easily copy your snapshots and AMIs to the other AWS accounts or other regions and within the AWS data center network.

CloudRanger simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS services, all through a single control panel.

CloudRanger offers efficient scheduling for your Amazon EC2 and RDS resources, saving your team time, money and the hassle of managing scripts or performing manual tasks. Automate scheduled stop, start and reboot actions through our easy-to-use interface and significantly reduce your costs by scheduling your Amazon EC2 and RDS servers to automatically stop when they are not needed 24/7.