eFront is the enterprise learning management system engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

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Product Details

eFront is the enterprise learning management system engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

You know where you’re going, so we step out of your way.

With eFront’s powerful customization options and access to our source code, you can build an enterprise training platform unlike any other.

Starting with a private cloud or on-premise hosting and advanced functionality down to the look, feel and structure, you decide what you need your training platform to do, and eFront does it.

eFront arms your organization with a variety of security filters and administrative tools.

Advanced data encryption, extensive access control, audit logs, SSO, two-factor authentication and other enterprise-grade security features keep your data and platform safe at all times.

eFront is built for organizations with intricate learning ecosystems. And for managers who need a system that’ll go the distance.

We haven’t stopped expanding eFront’s functionality and reliability for a smooth learner and administrator experience. Our engineering prowess matches your highest ambitions, year after year.




Course management

  • Content Friendly
    Re-use your best content on multiple courses. Import useful material from the web to enhance them even further.
  • Assessments Engine
    Native support for multiple types of questions, quizzes, and tests with extensive reporting on all results.
  • Surveys engine
    Conduct custom surveys among users. Collect useful data on employee engagement and course efficiency.
  • Scorm & TinCan (xApi)
    Built-in support for the most widely used content interoperability standards to enrich your courses and enhance your learners’ experience.
  • Assignments
    Allow learners to submit assignments in different formats. Set conditions and deadlines according to course rules and prerequisites.
  • HTML5
    Create original interactive HTML5 content within your platform with eFront’s native H5P editor.
  • Re-usable content
    Courses can comprise of new and shared eLearning material. Pull content from your lessons library or clone single units directly into courses.
  • Courses marketplace
    Choose from thousands of ready-made courses on a wide variety of topics. Purchase the best for your training program.
  • Files repository
    Keep all your files stored in one place. Organize, reuse on different courses or share them with selected users.
  • Certifications
    Issue multi-purpose certifications with different expiration policies. Readily support any compliance training scenario.
  • Course rules
    Control the way users access your eLearning content. Define course order, completion conditions, and course prerequisites.

Learning delivery

  • Learning paths
    Assign courses to be taken in a specific order based on user attributes and your training's requirements.
  • Blended learning
    Boost learner engagement. Combine eLearning content with instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via teleconference.
  • Curriculums
    Package related courses into curriculums and assign them to users and branches.
  • Gamification
    Gamify your learners’ experience. Let them collect points and badges, move up levels, and feature high on leaderboards.
  • Rich communication tools
    Native support for internal email, calendars, discussion forums and comments.
  • Videoconference support
    Promote interactive group learning and real-time collaboration with eFront’s Web-ex, BigBlueButton, and Webinar integrations.
  • Mobile learning
    Optimized for mobile devices and offline compatible to deliver courses and micro-learning content anytime and anywhere.
  • Notifications
    Create automatic email notifications triggered by selected events.

Enterprise ready

  • Reporting
    Produce custom reports on any user, object or action within your portal. Access and review all kinds of archived system activity via audit logs.
  • Skills
    Assign courses and curriculums based on your trainees’ specific skills. Keep close track of their development.
  • Skill gap testing
    Detect your employees’ weaknesses with our skill-gap tests and analysis. Redesign their learning paths according to their needs.
  • Jobs
    Build each user’s training program around their specific jobs. Keep your employees focused and productive.
  • User Types
    Control access to your portal's different areas and functionalities. Classify users by different User Types with varying roles and permissions.
  • Single Sign-on
    Simplify user authentication and enhance your platform’s security. Built-in support for SAML 2.0, LDAP and other SSO implementations.
  • Multi-tenancy
    Divide your training portal to sub-portals according to your organizational structure. Customize your Branches to operate independently.
  • Audiences
    Bring users together into logical groups based on combined conditions like Branch, Job and User Type to diversify your training.
  • Security
    Control your security level with our set of configurable safety measures including password rules, 2-factor authentication and IP whitelisting.
  • Mass Actions
    Perform specific actions on multiple users and courses all at once and save valuable time and overhead.
  • Custom fields
    Extend profiles by adding all kinds of custom fields to refine user and course information.
  • API
    Let your coding experts integrate your eLearning platform with third-party software and scripts via our powerful REST API.
  • Archive support
    Safely store deleted users, courses, and lessons in your archive until further notice so that no data or content is ever lost by mistake.
  • Integrations
    Hundreds of additional third-party applications and services can be integrated with your eLearning platform via Zapier.


  • Themeable
    Customize your portal’s look and feel. Use your theme and domain on every page, and apply your custom CSS and JavaScript to tailor every detail.
  • Website builder
    Build a modern multi-page website for your eLearning portal with our powerful, user-friendly site-builder.
  • Access to source code
    Enjoy our no vendor lock-in policy. Take our software into your hands and make the most of your advanced LMS.
  • Plugin builder
    Extend your portal’s functionality. Use our native plugins or create your own with eFront’s out-of-the-box plugin editor.


  • Payment gateways
    Native integration with PayPal, Stripe, U-Pay and CashEnvoy. More than 80 checkout options available via FoxyCart.
  • Discounts
    Create price tracks to offer discounts on individual courses and make them available to specific audiences or branches.
  • Moneyless payments
    Allow users to request access to a course on checkout and complete payment with another preferred method.
  • Credits
    Assign credit balances to branch admins. Allow them to buy courses for branch-wide training or grant credits to branch members for own purchases.


  • User interface
    Responsive design and retina-ready visuals for a smooth user experience on any device or screen size.
  • Scalability
    Scalable by design, built to match your organizational structure and adapt to all workforce sizes and training requirements.
  • Compatibility
    Ready to be installed on most Linux and Windows distributions and fully compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Web standards
    Built on the latest development technology and according to modern web standards.
  • Accessibility
    Fully compliant with the WCAG-2, Section 508 and ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Multilingual
    Readily available in 22 different languages with the option to enforce all necessary vocabulary overrides.