Expensify takes care of the receipt tracking and expense management for the self-employed to global enterprise companies.

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Product Details

Expensify takes care of the receipt tracking and expense management for the self-employed to global enterprise companies.

User-Friendly Mobile App: Track receipts on-the-go in one tap, log mileage automatically via GPS, categorize expenses for tax season, and more.

Streamlined Preaccounting: Automate your entire preaccounting process – from unlimited receipt scanning to expense approvals and reimbursement.

Industry-Leading Integrations: Expensify integrates with HR, travel, tax, and practice management software to make your workflow smoother all around.

Audit and Compliance: Automatically detect duplicate receipts, ensure accurate exchange rates, and confirm the validity of each transaction.


  • Unlimited Receipt Scanning
  • Credit Card Import
  • Corporate Card Reconciliation
  • Next-Day Reimbursement
  • Multi-Level Approval Workflows
  • Receipt Integrations
  • GPS Mileage Tracking
  • PCI-Compliant Security
  • Configurable Policy Rules
  • Custom Report Exports
  • Advanced Tax Tracking
  • Delegated Access
  • Multi-Level Coding