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  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Helpmonks is a shared inbox solution with an intelligent collaborative email management approach. Helpmonks empowers you to take control of your team emails!

Helpmonks helps you communicate better and keep everyone on the same page. Helpmonks a better solution for shared inboxes. Today, over 2,000 organizations use Helpmonks daily to manage the flow of emails for their teams.

Helpmonks is a shared inbox solution that empowers your team to collaborate on email conversations. With Helpmonks all your shared inboxes are available in a central location, so your organization gains transparency and insight into your email communications. With Helpmonks everyone stays on the same page.

Helpmonks saves time by keeping your email communication in your shared inbox organized

At a glance see how many emails are awaiting a reply. Organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, archiving important conversations or closing completed inquiries.

Keep track of customers, companies and SLAs with built-in customer management tools.

With our Helpmonks CRM you transform your shared team email into a powerful sales tool. No need to switch between systems or pay for additional software. See your customer history all in one place.

Collaborate in your shared inbox with your whole team on leads and close more deals with less effort. Everything in one place, always up to date, and transparent for everyone in your organization.