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  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

LeanKit supports the implementation of Lean principles, practices, and work methodologies across all business functions, to help organizations create an environment of continuous improvement and innovation to deliver customer value, faster. By visualizing your work as it flows through your process, LeanKit provides a big-picture understanding of the work that helps teams work together more effectively.

See how work flows through your team’s process using virtual Kanban boards. LeanKit lets you define and evolve your process without restricting the way you work. Use vertical lanes to visualize each step in your flow and horizontal swimlanes to represent parallel processes on the same board. As your process changes, easily modify your board layout to ensure that it accurately reflects the steps your team follows to get work done.

LeanKit provides a go-to place that helps teams stay connected and informed, regardless of whether you’re in the same room or geographically distributed. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings, oversights, and handoff delays with built-in collaboration features that make it easy to ask questions and share status updates. Many teams also display their LeanKit boards on a touchscreen monitor to collaborate on work planning and execution.

Powerful reporting and analytics help you identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Measure the effectiveness of your process using insightful metrics such as flow, quality, throughput and lead time. Understand who did what and when with audit trail details. Both team level and enterprise roll-up reporting is available, with the option to combine LeanKit data with other company data to support custom reporting needs.

Coordinate the flow of work within and across connected teams to improve the delivery of customer value. LeanKit gives all team members and project stakeholders a shared understanding of the work, providing the right level of visibility and detail to track progress and identify potential problems --even when a project spans multiple teams and boards.

Status updates and new information can happen at any time, making it crucial to stay informed and immediately communicate changes to your team. LeanKit can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere from the browser on your mobile device, letting you check status, make updates and add comments while you’re on the go. Any changes made from your mobile device are instantly visible to the entire team.


  • See The Big Picture
  • Evolve As You Go
  • Work in Context
  • Business in Sight
  • Stay Transparent & Aligned
  • Anytime, Anywhere