Cloud-based asset tracking software is a connected, automated and visualized solution managing everything that makes your business run.

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Product Details

The future of asset management expands beyond the tracking of IT assets to include everything from laptops to virtual servers, to software subscriptions and so much more. Oomnitza manages the full spectrum of assets and enables businesses to work smarter and increase productivity.

Across industries and geographies, smart businesses trust Oomnitza to manage their wide range of assets, or Things. Oomnitza’s cloud-based asset tracking software provides the functionality, efficiency, automation, and robust reporting that these highly successful businesses rely upon.

Oomnitza’s asset tracking software makes tracking assets, reporting, and creating workflows simple, informative, and secure. Our design and user experience has been highly refined, down to the smallest details.

Oomnitza integrates with and leverages your existing business tools. It brings disparate information to a single point, providing you with a top-level view of how all your software tools are working.




  • Employee Uptime
  • Automation
  • Security