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The HR platform that measures engagement and happiness at work Engagement monitoring, feedback campaigns, and recognition at work, all in one platform. Measuring employee engagement has never been easier! Quickly assess the teams that are striving, and the ones that are struggling using a barometer developed by researchers.

What are your employees thinking? Regularly ask them questions, and receive anonymous responses. Our fancy algorithms will transform your data into clear and precise analysis. A lack of recognition is the first factor to contribute to employee disengagement. We tackle this issue thanks to a simple and fun tool, that allows employees to express themselves.

Engagement on the rise
Only 13% of employees are engaged with their work in the world. In France it's only 9%! This is why organisations have understood the need to incorporate engagement metrics and to follow its evolution.

Employer Branding
95% of candidates preemptively ask the employees of a company what it’s like to work there. Instoring a culture of feedback is very attractive to future candidates.

Talent Retention
You can only solve problems you know exist. The organisations that take into account the well being of their employees see a 50% drop in voluntary departure.

Higher Productivity
It is proven that organisations with a high level of engagement gain an extra 10% of productivity and an increase of 25% of revenue. It is also proven that these actions help lower cases of employee absenteeism.

Better Company Culture
Putting in place a feedback culture and a greater importance placed on listening to employees, increases the well-being of your employees. It also develops a feeling of community and adhesion to organisational values.

Social Bonds
Giving a meaningful voice to your employees lets them re-create a social bond within the organisation. We have developed powerful technology for the sole purpose of investing in human capital.