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  • Citrix Access Control Service
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Flexible employee scheduling with precise time tracking. Everything you need, in one tidy package

Create, edit, communicate and publish a schedule from a single place. Glance at daily, weekly, or monthly schedule views. Make your repeat scheduling a breeze with easy to create templates.

Time tracking
Clock in through the app, tablet, browser or a phone. No buddy punching with facial recognition. Limit clock-in radius with geo fencing. Export timesheets to any payroll system.

Staff management
Display availability and request time off. Easy compliance with working time rules. Manage multiple locations, departments and assign shifts to specific employees with specific skill sets. Enjoy advanced vacation (PTO) management.

Ultimate staff optimization tool
Leverage advanced forecasting feature to draw upon historical data and suggest the most optimal work schedule. Minimize over and under scheduling. Align future costs with revenues.

Team communication
Update everyone on shift changes through the app, SMS or email. Enable staff collaboration and workflow through Team Chat. Avoid scheduling conflicts by allowing staff to communicate availabilities and work preferences.

Ximble support
Support is our feature! It starts with onboarding and training and it continues throughout our relationship.