Salucro Healthcare Solutions

Salucro’s mission is to help providers collect more patient payments. Salucro is a cloud based payment processing solution that targets one of the biggest needs in the healthcare market, patient responsibility. Salucro offers advanced payment options, allowing providers to capture more revenue at multiple points of the revenue cycle and create a more positive patient experience. The name Salucro comes from a combination of two words: salu meaning health, and lucro meaning profit.


Salucro’s unique healthcare focused solution has helped thousands of users increase payment processing and patient satisfaction. Salucro's payment processing solution meets PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements, making Salucro one of the safest and most secure solutions available. By utilizing Salucro’s advanced payment platform the provider can create a more flexible relationship between the patient and their financial journey. Salucro’s goal is to increase patient satisfaction by creating a solution that is integrative, positive and efficient.

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