Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Citrix and Samsung Mobile provide secure and strategic enterprise solutions you can trust to protect sensitive data while enabling users to work when and where they like.

Embrace consumerization. Empower employees. Simplify IT. BYOD with Samsung and Citrix

Give people the freedom to work on the device of their choice, and you’ll see your business perform at its best. Together, Citrix and Samsung Mobile put this promise to action—with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions that enable your workforce to simply and securely work from anywhere on any device. Samsung builds flexible, mobile workstyle products and services for the enterprise, Citrix and Samsung Mobile can help organizations profit from BYOD without the peril—secure and strategic solutions to free the most innovative devices available. Together, Citrix and Samsung Mobile give BYOD both the freedom and high-level security it needs to succeed. Learn more.

Securely enable mobile workstyles and enhance productivity

Until now, meeting users’ mobility requirements required tradeoffs between security, user convenience, and manageability. The Citrix and Samsung solution eliminates those tradeoffs by securely delivering business applications and data users need to do their jobs. Users are going to use their mobile devices to access corporate data with or without the oversight and approval of IT. The smartest approach is to make it easy for them to do so through approved and secure methods. Securely enable users’ mobile workstyles and enhance productivity when you manage and empower Samsung devices with Citrix Mobile Solutions and Samsung KNOX. The combination makes it easy to manage and secure devices and the corporate resources that employees access with them. With centralized data protection, secure file sharing and syncing, mobile management, collaboration applications, and a broad portfolio of enterprise-protected devices, Citrix and Samsung Mobile give you the deep security you need while also giving users the freedom they need to be productive. Learn more.

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